Saturday, January 31, 2015

Busy little stressed out bee.

  So I have been pretty good at keeping track of all my stitching for most of the month, but this last month was kind of crazy.  Got to deal with stuff at work that I shouldn't have had to.  Way more stress than is needed and I have deiced to seriously look elsewhere.  This all lead to days where instead of coming home and working on something, as I should have, I kind of just vegged in front of the TV.
  I have also finally started working on something for an anime convention that is coming up.  I have had this thing planned out since two years ago.  This means that I have sewed a seam that is over 386 inches twice now.  I need to sew it one more time to get it to lay the way I want it to.  Kind of crazy now that I have done the math.
  Once the con is over things should be able to settle down a little bit more.  I can't make any promises, but that is usually what happens.

  Though I did not hit 50,000 stitches this month, I think I did a pretty good job of it.  Thinking it over now, March may have been a better month to try this, but doing a challenge isn't all about making it super easy on yourself.
  I am pretty tired of this patriotic stocking-cap I started though.  You would think I would be happy since I like knitting, but something about it has just gotten old about this project.  Like the scarf, I will push through until I start something new though.

Tuesday's count: 870
Wednesday's count: 270 (this is when most of the machine sewing happened)
Thursday's count: 1,012
Friday's count: 0
Today's count: 1,980
Monthly count: 42,282
Finished objects: 2

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