Monday, May 28, 2012

I feel very special right now...

The kind of special that makes you wonder how you manage to put your cloths on the right way all by yourself in the morning.
I am working very quickly on the second sample knit so I can try and get it done before the dead-line.  I get to the last little bits of the first skein of yarn and go downstairs to find the next one.  I check the first area I think it might be in, nope, not there.  But that is okay, I might have been a crazy person and put it somewhere that makes sense (aka, not my kitchen floor)
I go and look in the bin of yarn that holds my started charity projects.  It is also a space for extra yarn for said projects as well.  I find the bag with the right label and give myself a little mental pat on the back for being so organized.
Then I quickly take it back.
The green yarn in the bag (which I have 4 skeins of) is darker than the green I was using.  It's not even a dye-lot issue, it is a completely different colors issue.  This means I found the green I only bought one skein of (and not even on the same trip) and started with that.  I did some minor flailing to try and make everything better.
When that didn't work, I figured I could tink back to the beginning of the row, and just change colors.  Bill said that he thought it was a good idea and that I should go for it.

I'm hoping it is going to look okay...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another knitted item

I know I said I was tired of knitting and would do a few crochet items.  After I said those things I went and signed-up for two knitting pattern tests.  I finished one tonight and seriously started the other right after.  Once I am done with both of them, I promise there will be more crocheting.  I have the yarn, hook, and pattern all picked out and everything.

Beasty Beanie (no link yet, will update when there is one)

It is not the best picture of the project.  I don't have anyone with the right sized head.  I also think I sewed the second ear (your left, its right) on better than the first.  Oh well.
This was such a quick knit (until it came to putting the ears on) that I have plans on making at least one more.  I'm thinking of a bear once next.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dino Hat

I finished the hat I had started before I had begun the socks.  I got most of it done before I started them, but all those cables on the socks kept me distracted from finishing it.  My other problem was that I couldn't find the yarn I wanted, it was hiding under the bed!
When I made the spikes, I made the first one too small and then attached it before I re-checked the pattern.  I then thought it would look cool if the spikes got bigger as they went down the head.


I finished the socks and I have since signed-up for two pattern tests on Ravelry.  I am most of the way done with the hat, and I have the yarn and needles ready for the small sweater.
I've also been commissioned to work on some jewelry/accessory samples.  While that means I will have more money for yarn and beads, it also means I will have a bit less time to work on charity projects.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not forgotten, just no updates

For some reason the cabled socks I have been working on have been kicking my butt.  The test knit is going to be done before the 10th (which is also the deadline)  I'm only a pattern repeat or two away from decreasing for the toe.
The pair also seems to have made me a bit tired of knitting, so I think I will be focusing more on crochet for a while.  I've been ignoring the craft for a while anyway, should be time to give it some love.