Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't you have some stitching to catch-up on?

I have a feeling this post might be a bit long winded.  I know the point of this month is to make a lot of stitches and not a lot of words, but I seem to get confused on things like that.

 Yesterday was the White Elephant swap at knit-night.  In past years people are nice for the first chunk of gift seekers, but once one steal happens all bets are off.  This year most of the people were pretty happy with what they opened.  There were only 3 or 4 stealing starters.  Only one item was stolen so many times it got taken out of rotation.  It was a project bag with a sheep quilt on the front.  This was because the bar was set so high.  It seems everyone wanted to be that person who had that gift that people were fighting over.
I got the triangle bag pictured above with red yarn ball earrings made by Fine Enamels.  I kept willing the people who looked at it to keep moving.

I was hoping mine would be fought over, but the perfect person opened it.  I had the bud vases pictured above and a pair of crochet snowflake earrings.  The person who got it was the only person who had snowflakes on her cloths that day and she later told me that the pattern on the vases was exactly what she was looking for when she got china for her house.  We joked that she could just bring one of these in and say "I want this!"

I have been watching some odd (for me) programs on TV lately.  I have really been getting into My 600-lb Life.  I'm not sure why I watched the first episode, but I am kind of hooked.  I love seeing how happy they are after they lose all that weight.
I have also been watching Dance Moms randomly.  I like watching the end dance routines.  I could live without all the drama.  It makes me want to take some fitness dance classes.   When I took dance class in college I got grouped in with the dance majors when we performed the routine for our final.

I found out what was wrong with my phone and now I have to figure out what to do.  Turns out my battery failed.  This means that my phone should be working again if I just get a new battery for it.  Though, until the 15th, there is an upgrade credit and I can get $15 off from the monthly cost of a phone for the 2 years it would take to pay for the new phone.  I will have to check with The Hubby once he comes back from a work trip this weekend.

For some reason I really want to share the dream I had last night.  I was learning how to make this really cool mixed drink.  To make it you take a live turtle and add it to the pitcher.  Then you add fruit juices, ice, and the alcohol.  I put the turtle in and the ice and fruit juices.  No one was telling me what alcohol to put in even though I kept asking people.  The turtle hadn't swum to the top of the liquid so I was worried that he was getting hurt by the ice.  So I fished the turtle out and he was really cold.  As I held him to help the turtle thaw out I decided that I wanted to keep the turtle as a pet. 
The turtle didn't like this idea and kept trying to escape from me.  I then tried to figure out something to use as a harness to keep the turtle on a leash.
I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Yesterday's count: 534
Today's count: 1,010
Monthly count: 8,497
Finished objects: 0

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