Sunday, January 18, 2015

No steel pulling for me.

 I woke-up this morning and feel a lot more like myself again.  I think it is funny that the day I come out of my funk is on a day that is really cold and overcast.

  My local gun club is working on making a new range.  My dad is one of the big players in making all this happen.  Bill told me last night that they were planning on doing some "steel pulling" this morning and that we should go help out.  I grumpily agreed since it meant that I would have to get up early (for me) and I got home so late.  Well, when the time to get up rolled around my furry alarm tried to get me up, but my person alarm didn't.  Mr. Jag was extra lovey on my head for some reason, but settled back down when Bill got up.
  Later I asked about this and it turns out they didn't do it.  I was worried that I ruined Bill's plans for the day.  Looks like my plans were a go though.  Crochet and Netflix.  One of the reasons I have been focusing on this one project is that I am getting a bit bored of it.  Since I know how I am, I know if I put it down now, it might never get finished.  It will get to hang out with my Accidental Slytherin scarf in the kitchen.
  I also have a few chunky knit projects queued up to keep the fire under my heels.  I have been wanting to do some chunky things, but lacked the yarn up until recently.  A bunch of chunky yarn was put into the damaged area at work.  The only thing wrong with them was that they were naked.  The lack of band had caused some to come pretty unwound and I had a feeling people wouldn't want to buy them if they looked like they had been tampered with.  I got my manager to sell them to me at a damaged price.
  I know, I totally am lacking in yarn and need more.  Though in my defense, I do not have a lot of chunky yarn.  Now I temporarily will.  Though I don't think I have the right sized needles.  I will have to go digging for those.

 Bill and I went out to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  I love all the bubbly art all around the place.  There is also a You Are Here sign made with train tracks with some trains on them.
  I really liked the food, but Bill was not as impressed.  He thought they rolled the crust out too thinly under the main body of the pizza.  I thought it was just right.

  I also got the scarf finished, but I am going to wait for daylight before I get a picture.  I tried to start a few projects.  They both needed bigger needles than I tried to use.  One I have the larger needles for, the other I'm not as sure.  I usually don't like knitting with bigger yarn so I didn't really look for larger needles.  This seems to be coming back to haunt me.

Today's count: 3,332
Monthly count: 25,946
Finished objects: 2

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