Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthday week?

  In my family we tend to not just have a birthday celebration on only one day, but spread it over a few.  I told the story of the celebration of Bill's birthday on the day before.  On his birthday he took the day off.  I had to go to work.
  After I was done with work I had to buy a few things to make for his dinner.  I got him some cheese filed pretzel bites as an appetizer.  For dinner I made him some hot Italian sausages and garlic sauteed broccolini.  We also had a bunch of champagne.  Between the two of us we went through about 2 bottles.  You can probably tell there was not much crafting going on at that point.

  Today I had the day off so I got more stuff done.  Both in crafting and with house things.  I got the stuff to make a rice dish based on a kale and potato soup I saw on the Cooking Channel the other day.  It turned out good enough, but I think I know a few tweeks to make it even better.

  Today I also finished the blanket (for the most part).  The ends are woven in and everything, but it has not been blocked yet.  I thought the various skeins of yarn would all finish on different sides, but the white and one green finished only a few stitches away from each other.  Goes to show you that not all skeins are as equal as they tell you.

  When I was at work on Monday I tried to get a picture of the scarf I mentioned before.  I'm not sure where Dawn put it, but I could not find it.  I have started my own in manly variegated yarn.  The pattern suggests it, but I think I like it a little bit better on a more solid yarn.  Like with most variegated yarns, any complicated pattern becomes a little lost.  I also made this one a bit wider than the pattern tells you to.  I think it will cover a more manly neck that way.

  I didn't mention this before, but I have a New Year's resolution this year.  One year I had the resolution to say 'yes' to more things.  That was fun since I went out with friends more and such.  This year I said that I would try and do something nice for myself everyday.  I don't mean that it always has to be something big, you do not need to fear for my wallet any more than you already do.  For a few days I have been doing the Dove 7 Day Challenge.  I have also taken the time one day to put on some make-up so I feel super fancy that day.
  I know they are just little things and some of them are things people already do everyday.  I suggest to anyone to try this out.  Make something yummy for dinner, or wear a very special perfume.  Even little things everyday can make you feel more special.

Yesterday's count: 892
Today's count: 1,270
Monthly count: 18,264
Finished objects: 1

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