Monday, December 31, 2012


Here is a quick list of everything I got done in the year of 2012

Got another one done in time!

I thought that I was done for the year, but it turns out I was wrong!
These are actually a combination of patterns.  The main hand is from Foxgloves(Ravelry link), but the bind-off is from Phalangees.  I love this way of binding off finger-less mitts!  I don't like how fiddly doing short fingers can be (I've tried it) but I also don't like how the top of finger-less mitts gape after you move your hand.  This fixes everything!  I had to do a bit of math to get the stitch-count to work, but I think they turned out pretty good.
Originally they were going to be for me, but I made the hand-part a bit too long. Oh well, I have my eye on some fall colored yarn to make myself a similar pair.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the year push!

Here are some of the things I was able to get done before the year went and slipped away from me.
Now I've noticed something about my posts.  They are a lot shorter than I had planned.  I had thought that I would share about a bunch of things and that there would also be pictures.  It seems, in reality, that I pretty much go "look what I made!"
As I was working at my day job I stumbled upon an interesting looking book: 642 Things to Write Journal
I thought something like that would be a fun project I could post on my other blog.  Then I realized that I really, really don't need to try and give myself another project.  I have my small business I'm trying to get re-started, this charity blog, and geocaching to try and juggle.  After thinking it over for a bit, I realized that I could add that as a project.  I could do a bit of writing and then post my usual "look what I made!" on here.
Here is where I stand on it now.  I'm thinking I shoudl try and send the people responsible for the book before I do anything to make sure it is okay with them that I slowly post their entire book online.  What if they say 'no'?  Then I could just post on both Craftster and NaNoWriMo asking for interesting questions or things to write about.
"A houseplant is dying.  Tell it why it needs to live."
How awesome is that?  I suggest that everyone go out and buy 642 Things to Write!

...and now onto the "look what I made" part of this post!
This is the Chutes Beanie I did as a test knit and actually found an error in how the pattern was written!  Very fun to knit and comes in a bunch of sizes.

Remember this from a good long while ago?  My Girly Girl Caplet is finally completely done!  It finally got a hook and loop attached to the inside near the top.  If I knit this again I think I will add three buttons to it instead of the hook.

I was teaching classes at work about the "old" granny square and the "new" granny square at different times. I thought that a granny square scarf would be cute, but I couldn't decide on just one, so I used both!
I know I mentioned that it was done before, but I never took a good picture of it!

I didn't start this Zig-Zag scarf, but since I had no directions to go by or anything I will count it.  It took me forever to realize it was done in half-double crochet!

It is really neat to see this Hexagon Jacket come together as you crochet the hexagons!  It is kinda magical!  I added a crab-stitch boarder, but that may have made the collar area a bit stiff.

I was at work making the sample for the stitch of the month.  It was a fun dropped stitch pattern.  I decided that it would make a really cute hat!  Instead of knitting it back and forth I went in the round and twisted the knit stitches.  It can make any size as long as your stitch count is divisible by 8.

These Tootsie Wraps Crochet Baby Booties don't look like much here, but they look adorable on an actual baby-foot, I swear!  I just don't have any around I am able to use.

That is everything I have been able to finish since my last update!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Falling behind on updates...

I've actually finished a few things, but seem to have forgotten to share them! While this sounds like a post that will have some finished items and some links for you to follow if you want to make them, it is not.
I will post some pictures, but I have too many things that are soooo close to being done that I will put off posting about the ones that are fully done to try and motivate myself to finish the last few things.

Sleeve of a crochet baby jacket.
Part of a crochet fashion scarf.