Sunday, May 21, 2017

Days 1 and something of Scotland!

  So I got up a little early for me, some time after 8am. I finished packing and even had time to go and check out one of the houses for sale in my neighborhood. I was really hoping to be able to bring something I ordered online, but that didn't happen.
  We got to the airport and got through very easily. We then got some lunch before we waited for our plane to board.  The nice thing about international trips is that they feed you.   These seats were interesting though, there were 4 seats across, you only got 3 offset under the seat storage spaces, but there were 5 cup holders.

  That was my nifty little set up. I really liked the tiny wines.
  I wanted to work on Better Together on the plane because I could concentrate on it. Well, it took me until my third movie to cast everything on and to count to nine 40 times. My problem was that I was counting the one purl stitch and then going on to two when I made my first knit stitch. Silly me!
   When I learned that we were going to have to go through security again and the rest of my bottle of water would go to waste I became annoyed.  We weren't leaving the airport, so where would we have gotten ahold of something we weren't allowed to have?  So I drank the whole thing before we got off the plane.  I felt better about not wasting the water, but I also gave myself a stomach ache.

  While on the flight from London to Edinburgh I knew it was at a breakfast time and I got breakfast food, but my body was just confused as to what time it was.  I got a mini English Breakfast.  I also managed to get one more row knitted.  The middle seats were interesting.  They were more narrow and armrests had been put over them.  It didn't look like they were ever used as seats, even though it has its own tray table.

  It seemed like I was the only one to get food on that flight because soon after getting to the hotel everyone else wanted to get food.  I had read a post about some of the foods you had to try while in Scotland.  One of them was the scotch egg.  Since I was only a little bit hungry, I ordered one.
  It is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage for anyone who doesn't know.  The one I got had a slightly runny yolk and was wrapped in spicy sausage, almost a chorizo.

  Then came the hike to the top of Arthur's Seat.  We were told that even though it would look like we wouldn't want to, we should take the path with the stairs.  Once close we saw a map with some of the paths labeled on it.  None of the actual paths were labeled, so it was kind of hard to tell which ones were official and which had just been made over time.  We saw some steep stair-like things that looked like I wouldn't want to go up, so they fit the criteria and up we went.

   Some of the steps we went up were almost to my knee and at one point there stopped being stairs and were just rocks in an angle.  I did a bad impression of a mountain goat and climbed up.  I'm not in shape at all, so I had to take a few breaks.  It might not look like much from the picture, but the tiny road at the bottom of the picture is a two lane road.
 It didn't bother me that everyone else in the group was faster than I was, but it did bother me when the path got close to a steep hill.

  I also didn't go all the way to the top because it was windy when we were most of the way up and I was cold enough as it was.  I did have fun taking pictures of wild birds and people's dogs.

  We headed back down a different way than we came up.  Along the way I saw a wild rabbit tumble down onto the path, I thought he had just slipped and was going to get up and scamper off, but when he started thrashing around I knew he wasn't doing very well.  I told him that he had been a very good bunny, and while I know he didn't understand me I hope my tone got through.

   There weren’t any people down at St. Anthony's Chapel when we first got there.  However, whenever you are trying to get pictures without people, they all sense your intentions and swarm to where you are pointing the camera.
  The rest of the walk down was really easy.  We stopped in at BRGR and I got the Kinder Egg shake.  It was really good and I highly recommend it to anyone who has one near them.

   It is now after 10pm local time and I have been up since about 2pm yesterday so I think it is time for bed for me.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Two Weekends, One Review

  I had planned on talking about each weekend in their own posts, but time slipped away from me when I was done with the first and then getting ready for the second.  You might need a snack for this one.

Saturday 4/29

  It was a nice day and we got done with the New Member Orientation in a good amount of time.  Time for the beer festival!!

  I really like how they gave you this little jar to take with you to get samples.  No worries about small cups tipping over and not very much waste.  I kept mine and plan to use it again, so mine was zero waste.  This was a VA apple cider.

  I was very bad at keeping track of what I had from where...this was a yummy, but I don't remember which one it was.

  This one is also a mystery to me.  I remember they were right next to the cider people and the lady who poured it was very nice.  There were also a few that didn't get a picture taken of them.  Only one of the ones I actually tried wasn't something I liked.  There was a bunch I did like.

   Some of the places had really cool covers for their coolers.

  I really liked their pear lager.  I would definitely have that again.

  A lot of them had really cool handles.  It makes sense for them to do this, that way when you walk into some place you can see if they have your favorite quite easily.

Sunday 4/30

  My mom had debated a while on if she wanted to go see Geraldine or not.  I knew I wanted to go and we decided to meet there.

  There she is in all her yarny glory!  It was so interesting to see once you got inside.

  They had many things to distract you before you even got it.  Do you see those lovely baskets growing from that tree over on the left?  The yarns hung there are also dyed especially for them.  If you see one you like, you better get it, or learn how to dye yarn yourself.

  This is what the inside looked like.  Every where you turned there was something new to see and squish.

  I was thinking that I wasn't going to buy anything, but then I went in and took a closer look at the basket of stitch markers.  Even their logo is too cute to not take a closer look at.

  I wanted to get all the cat themed ones, but I thought that was a bit much since they were more than I would usually pay for stitch markers.  I managed to narrow it down to two cards.  I couldn't decide, so I just went with both of them.

Saturday 5/6

  We tried to go to the Virginia Gold Cup last year, but it didn't work out.  I forget why at this point, but I was determined to go this year.  The weather forecast said there was a chance of rain in the morning, but it should clear before too long.
  I woke up to cloudy skies, but it didn't look like much was happening.  When our friends got here it was drizzling a little.  We took that as a good sign since the storm was supposed to be moving from where the cup was towards where my house was.  It was raining on the way there, but lightened when we were almost there.
  When we got there it was drizzling, so we set up the table and brought the coolers down.  We did some browsing while we were waiting for the races to start.  They also had some terrier races, but they were on the other side of the field and they didn't cast it on the giant screens they had.  The one in green won.
  As we waited, the rain would start to lighten, then get heavy again.  The wind was also making it really cold feeling.  I got some fun pictures and we got to stay for one race.  I was hoping to see a second since I knew the path they took, but there is a really long lull between the races.  It makes sense because the race itself was only a little over four minutes, and the lines for betting were insanely long.  They want to let as many people as possible hand over their money.

  Here is the video I put together of what I got to see.  Feel free to go view it on YouTube.

Sunday 5/7

  The plan had been to go to Holi DC with a friend, but because of all the rain, we were worried about mud, and there were reports that it might rain again.  So we decided to stay home.

  When Bill first found this and showed me, my first thought was wondering if that stuff was peanut butter.  Nope, those would be eggs.  This would make sense why the ants wouldn't leave us alone, even when the desk was clean for weeks.
  We got those magazines and stuff outside with as many as we could.  Of course, when Bill started to move them, they panicked and tried to run off with eggs.  This makes sense, but isn't too convent for us.  He says that as long as none of the eggs they managed to make off with were a queen, we should be okay.

  Not a lot of knitting got done since what I'm working on is very cable heavy and I spend a lot of time looking at the chart.  I also still have no idea what to take on our trip later this month!
  Much to do, but for now, bed!