Friday, January 23, 2015

I got stood-up, again!

  So last week I mentioned that one person who signed up for a crochet class did not show up.  Yesterday was the second day and the day that the second person was supposed to show up.  She did not.  I was looking forward to teaching that class too.  It was a super easy one, but I thought it was still going to be fun.
  Though speaking of fun, I finished a super fast project.  Well, I sort of finished it, realized I had a weird amount of yarn left, took it all out and then remade it with more stitches.  I just need to weave in some ends and add some over-sized buttons.

  Today was not as productive as I thought it was going to be.  I took Mr. Jag to the kitty-doctor and as far as she could tell he was doing fine.  There was some stuff they wanted to send off to get tests done on, but nothing out of the normal for a one year check-up.  He has lost about 5 pounds since last year's check-up.  The vet suggested that I bring him in some time to do another glucose curve.  Since he has been losing weight I have not had to give him as much insulin.  When he came to my house he was 20 lbs and got 2.5 units per day.  We are down to one unit per day and with the recent loss we might be able to go down again.
  Bill and I did go and see Mordecai today.  I really liked the movie.  It was a very cute and funny movie.  I suggest it.

  I was going to start another Multidirectional Diagonal scarf(Ravelry link) but then I thought about how much I would need to keep track of and how much adding would be needed during some parts of the scarf.  I know that once I get one triangle done I could figure out how many stitches there were and just add them together, but I like being able to just take one number and multiply it.  This way I won't have to worry about stopping at some random point in a triangle.
  I started a patriotic stocking cap.  I have had the yarn sitting in my dinning room for a while.  It has been looking at me really sadly lately.  The navy blue looks almost black though.

  Hopefully sometime this weekend there will be some sun and I will be able to take pictures of some finished things.  They are starting to pile up over here!

Yesterday's count: 872
Today's count: 2880
Monthly count: 32,956
Finished objects: 2

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