Sunday, September 29, 2013


One of my friends from Mon knit night is having a birthday party today!  Yay!  I got her a little giraffe to go with her 6ft tall one.  She loved it and I know she was not expecting anything like that.

This is the scarf I'm almost done with for my grandfather in-law.  It is being made with the Lion Brand Wool and Bamboo.  It is so soft and smushy in the Handsome Scarf(Ravelry link) pattern.  You can see the mini cupcake/muffins she made and I have some nice hot chocolate in my cup there.

I'm also getting to go to CA later this coming week.  This is where Bill's grandfather is living.  I'm excited.  I've never been out that way before.  If anyone knows of anything fun to do, let me know.  I will be flying in to San Diego, that will give you a bit more of an idea where I am going in that state.

Now I have to go off and finish the scarf and then plan some plane knitting!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting ready for cold weather already.

This is the scarf I said I started instead of finishing some of my other items.  It is done in double knit color work.  The other side looks almost the same, but opposite colors.  Here we are all enjoying some warm potato soup and some salad.
There is something interesting with this scarf.  I knew I wanted to do a color-work double knit scarf, so I went looking for color-work patterns.  I knew it would be easy to convert any two color design to fit my needs.  I found a bunch that were interesting, but this swirl one really stood out.  I didn't know what yarn I wanted to use, but I knew it had to be on the thinner side since the design is a bit wide.  I remembered some yarn that was donated from Nature's Yarn a while ago.  I had been thinking of making a hat out of it at the time, but that never happened.  So I printed the pattern, found some needles I thought might be the right size, grabbed my yarn, and headed to Monday night knitting.  After knitting for a while someone next to me asked me a question: Did you mean for it to be Slytherin colors? (it is really a grey/green, not blue like the picture is trying to tell you)
The I really looked at it.  Slytherin colors...a swirl pattern that looks kinda like snakes...I see what you were doing there Universe!  I found it very amusing.
One thing I didn't find amusing it all the trouble this thing is giving me (though I'm not sure why I'm surprised).  First I started the chart in one direction, then I seemed to have changed my mind and finished the first motif going the other way.  The I thought I was switching the direction of the swirls like I had planned to, but it seems I did not.
*sigh* This scarf will definitely have an end made out of character.  I decided not to rip it out since it is a scarf and there will be plenty of chances to get it right.
Now here's hoping I can pull that off on my own without someone yelling STOP if I start to add more character to this thing.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

That's one big baby

Someone asked me if this was being made for a giant baby. It will someday be made into a felted slipper.  It is my first time felting a finished project, so I'm excited.

I also have so many projects that are nearly done.  I can't seem to bring myself to finish them though!  I don't know why.  I just have to block the one baby blanket.  I have to finish the top of the second slipper and felt them.  Those things aren't hard, but yet I've seemed to have started a new scarf instead.
Hopefully I can get them done so I can post about them and then pass them on.