Where do all the items you make go?

  I give the items I make to a group called Knitters and Crocheters Care (K&CC) and they distribute where they feel the items would be needed most.  Here is an (ever growing) list of some of the places my items go to.

  TAPS – Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors - a support network for the families of those who died in military service. We are collecting knit/crocheted stuffed animals and memory pillows. http://www.taps.org

  SECOND STORY (Formerly Alternative House) - supports at-risk children, youth and families, provides crisis intervention and neighborhood outreach. We are collecting baby/toddler clothes and blankets. http://www.thealternativehouse.org

  CAPITAL HOSPICE - providing hospice care to DC, NoVa and Prince George's county, MD. We are collecting chemo caps for this organization. http://www.capitalhospice.org

  FAIRFAX HOSPITAL Women's Center - provides support and health services to new mothers and their families. We are collecting preemie and baby hats and blankets for this organization. http://www.inova.org/inova_fairfax_hospital/services

  SHELTER HOUSE - to prevent and end homelessness and domestic violence by engaging the community, building effective relationships and providing crisis intervention, safe housing and supportive services.  Everything donated when at Emmaus United Church of Christ gets taken to Shelter House.  We are collecting anything and everything for this organization. http://www.shelterhouse.org

Can I donate directly?

 There are a few ways to donate to me.  You can send money to my Paypal, you could buy a pattern for me from my Ravelry Wishlist, donate to any GoFundMe I may have going, buy some of my awareness Kitties Fur a Cause in my Etsy shop, or just share the blog with your friends.  If you are local to me, there is also the option to donate yarn or any items you have made yourself.

Where can I learn more/is there a website?

 Right now all I have going is the blog.  I do have plans on maybe making jewelry or others smaller items to sell to give more money to each charity.

How can I help? Can I also make items to donate?

 I would love to see anything you make to donate!  If you are near my in the NoVA area then you are welcome to send me things (I can provide an address as needed) or you can show me pictures of the things you made by linking them to me in the comments.  It isn't hard to find somewhere to give the items to in your area.  You could do a Google search or even stop by a Church near you, they usually know of some places in need, even if you don't attend that Church.

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