Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Donation!

  While at K&CC I got an in-person donation.  I was thinking that I would have to lower my final amount and make some sort of note somewhere how much I have, but it turns out they already have a way to keep track of that.  You can enter in offline donations right on the website.
  More good news is that it looks like I have a bunch of bags coming my way.  Blair is getting a bunch of her old Ipsy bags and her grandmother and friend will be donating some as well.  This is exciting because it means I can spend more on the things I'm going to be putting into the bags.  I know I'm saying that every step is exciting, but I am actually getting excited about every part of this.
  At work I even got some old Ipsy bags from my co-worker Rachna.  I might have some extra bags for when I try this again.  I might also put together some make-up bags and auction them off for some money to donate, though I won't be able to use the Ipsy bags for that.
  I have started testing products to make sure they will be worth putting in.  I was thinking of getting the dollar L.A. Girl mascara you can get from the Dollar Tree, but when I tried it I found it wasn't worth putting in since it didn't really do anything to my lashes and took forever to dry.  There is another one out there that I want to try that is a dollar more than the one I am trying now, though the e.l.f. one I bought yesterday isn't bad.

 Here is the cowl I was talking about before.  I finally wove in the ends and it is done.  It is based on the lace that was used in the Fragole shrug.  There were a few rows that were a bit odd because the lace pattern does shift a little as you work it, but I just moved my stitch marker to accommodate the double decreases.

I'm also working on a huge project.  It is based on herbivore by Stephen West.  I had some yarn and I didn't have my phone with me.  I remember seeing the pattern on a few other knitting blogs in the past and how I thought it looked really cool every time I saw it.  Though since I didn't have any access to it I just kind of started knitting.  It is kind of hard to tell if mine will be as cool looking until I block it, but I'm hoping it will look good.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

And I smell nice too.

I have been trying to find a new perfume for a while now.  There are a few I like, but the problem for me is the price tag.  They cost a lot of money for some scents mixed with water and alcohol.  I think I have found a good solution for everyone.

  I never noticed before that little blurb on the box.  That's probably because I have just dealt with the test rollers.  If you try them in stores, I will warn you, the alcohol smell right out of the roller is really strong.  It doesn't last long on the skin and you will get to enjoy the real scent very soon after putting it on.
  I got mine from Ulta where they seem to be on clearance, so if you want some from a store go and get them now.  You can also order them online with no problems.  I got most of mine in the Honey Nectar fragrance and I got one in dew blossom.  The Honey Nectar starts out very floral and light, but as you wear it you get more and more of a warm honey smell.

  So as of the minute I'm typing this, we are at 12% of our goal and 30 shares for the make-up bags.  This is very exciting!  I have done a bunch of research so I'm pretty sure I know what I will be getting for the bags and will be able to get more bang for our buck.
  Here is my updated list for the bags:
  • mascara
  • eyeliner
  • neutral eye-shadows
  • tinted lip balm
  • eye-shadow brush 
  • sensitive skin make-up remover wipes
  • non-scented lotion
  Here is the cowl.  It is so close to being done too.  I just need to figure out if I want to do one more row and bind off or bind off this coming round.
  The secret knit is all done blocking and just needs some buttons before I can fill out the survey for the test knit and send picture to the designer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I started something.

  I got all the knitting done on the secret project, I just need to get it blocked and find some buttons for it.  I've also finished either 2 out of 3 repeats or 2 out of 4 repeats on a cowl I'm making using the strawberry lace stitch pattern from the shrug I made.

  My mom found a "new" place for us to eat.  We got out of the 'monsoon' and into a cute cafe.  The funny thing is that I had eaten at that place before, but not exactly.  Over a year ago someone told me they remembered a bead shop being in a shopping center not far from my house.  Well, I drove and walked around the small strip mall for over an hr before giving up on it.
  Since I was there so long I went and ate at a little cafe that was off to one side in the shopping center.  It was really good and the owner was super nice.  He pushed the table closer to the couch when I was having problems doing it on my own.  I went back later since I remembered all the good things about that place but it wasn't there anymore.  I didn't remember the name, only the place where it was.
  Turns out they didn't close, they moved.  Now they are a lot more noticeable and their menu is even a lot bigger.  I'm so glad Fresh & Organic Cafe didn't go out of business.

  As my mom and I were leaving she was complaining that there was so much rain and no rainbows.  She got one, well, a nubbin of a rainbow.  It is to the left in the larger part of the light area in the picture.

  Here is something I am really excited for though.  I finally got an e-mail back about the make-up bags.  I have a very positive go-ahead.  Since I have gotten that I have started a GoFundMe for the bags.  While I would love to ask for some donations, I would just love some shares to get the word out.