Tuesday, January 6, 2015

That white stuff is back.

 They reported that 1"-2" was supposed to fall from the sky.  It was a lot closer to 4".  I've not been able to spot the guy who sometimes hangs out by the library near me, but I hope he is okay and that my mitts are helping to keep his hands warmer.

 I was going to show off the sample I made for a class at work because it is very pretty, but I ran into a snag.  On my way to work my phone was charging on my car charger.  I then worked on the sample for a while and wanted to take a picture of it.  I also wanted to get a second opinion on what colors I should use for a knotted bracelet very similar to this one, though the one I was making used the loop at the beginning and a button to close it up.  I noticed that my phone had turned off, so I was confused how the battery had drained so fast, but I figured I would just plug it in and charge it.  I pulled it into an outlet and it flashed on the little battery picture.  Though instead of the light coming on and the little batter icon slowly filling, it looked like it was going to try and turn on.  It was on the "Samsung Galaxy SII" for a few minutes.  The little charging light still did not come on.  I let it sit to let it charge.
 After a while I tried turning it on and it just kept getting stuck on the same screen.  Pulling the battery out didn't work either.  I also looked up some things online and nothing I found there worked either.  I will be taking it to Sprint and seeing what they tell me.
 I will have to try and go back and get a picture of the scarf once I get this all figured out.  It is this Red Heart pattern, but I was making mine out of the same green that I am using for the hexagon blanket.

Yesterday's count: 473
Today's count: 1,431
Monthly count: 6,953
Finished objects: 0

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