Sunday, January 11, 2015

An early birthday celebration!

I had some awesome luck when it came to when I worked on Saturday.  The last beer tasting that I was invited to was canceled because the baby-in-making decided to make some fuss.  The baby-in-making is still out, but this time I wasn't working while it was happening.  It is held by one of Bill's co-workers and he serves the beer that he brews.  I made some cheesey and salty snacks and they went over pretty well.
The best part of the night was getting to play some of the games that another co-worker brought.  There was one that was a mix between telephone and pictionary.  You get a word and had to draw your word.  Then the next person guesses your word based on the picture.  The person after them draws a picture based on the word they wrote.  It goes along like that until the 8 pages are filled.  Some went along fine and others quickly veered off track.  It was great.

Today we took Bill out to his pre-birthday lunch.  We went to Dog Fish head.  We used to go at least once a week when his apartment was in the area.  You could look out his window and see the place.  It is really funny when the people who work there just bring out your usual appetizer before you even ask.  It has been too long since that was a normal and now we don't recognize anyone there.

The rest of the day I spent working on the ever growing hexagonal blanket.  I had been going back and forth if I really wanted to use all of the skeins in it, or stop early.  I thought I saw an end so I figured it would keep going.  Turns out it was just the yarn tying itself into really awesome knots.  Thought I was not as close to the end as I thought, I think I should be finishing with it soon.

Yesterday's count: 779
Today's count: 3,202
Monthly count: 16,102
Finished objects: 0

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