Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cherry Blossoms!

The scarf and I went on an adventure in DC!

We started by looking for some Toynbee tiles.  We did not have much luck, but we did find this little guy.  We are not sure if he is one of them or not.

Farther down we found the cherry blossoms.  The scarf liked them and thought they made nice company.  It was also cool that we could see the Washington Monument too.

 A little farther down the area we ran into Paddles the Beaver.  Paddles told us a very valuable message.  Unlike some people we saw, we did not pick the blossoms.  The scarf did not mention to Paddles how it had climbed one of the trees earlier.

After we were done having fun in the sun it was time to go to a few museums.  There was an orchid exhibition that I liked a lot.  The scarf thought it was a bit too girly, but did like this one.  It looks a bit like a sitting person, and who knows, they could be knitting.

After a long day we went home and worked on a few rows together.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some words on charity.

I was asking a friend if the Kickstarters I helped back would count as charity or not.  It ended in a long debate about what charity means.  Here is a bit of a summation of it.  To me, it is all about intent.  If you mean for it to help people, then it is a charitable act to me.  Even if you donated $20K to a charity, if you only did it because you wanted to one-up someone who also donated to that charity, I don't think it counts.
Feel free to let me know your opinions.

For those of you who just come to look at pretty pictures, here is part of a scarf I have been working on randomly sitting on a cat.