Friday, January 9, 2015

Well, that happened...

  I had an interesting disagreement with someone while I was at work.  She called the store and wanted to know if we had the Lion Brand Chenille yarn.  I was in the back but I told someone on the radio that we don't have the Lion Brand one, but that we do have chenille style yarn.
  This lady comes in and talks with the person she talked to on the phone.  My co-worker shows her where the yarn is, but I hear over the radio that they can no find it.  I head onto the floor to go help.  I show her the chenille style yarns we have.  She tells me that those are not chenille yarns and that she is looking for the Lion Brand chenille yarn.  I tell her that I mentioned on the radio to pass on to her that we did not have the Lion Brand but that we have chenille style yarn.  She asks to see those.  I tell her that I have already shown them to her.
  She keeps insisting that what I showed her, Bernat Blanket and Bernat Baby Blanket, were not chenille yarns.  Chenille yarns are big, puffy, and soft; and the yarn I showed her was not as soft.  I again said that those are chenille style yarns and while they might not be what she wanted, they were still chenille yarn.  She kept giving me a look like I was a dumb person and didn't know what I was talking about and that we didn't carry any chenille yarn.  As I gave-up on getting her to see the difference one of her fellow shoppers pointed out that the yarns I had shown her were indeed chenille style yarn.  She gave this other lady 'the look' and walked out of the store.
  I thanked the random lady for backing me up.  I don't know her, she didn't have to do that.  I also didn't pull out the fact that I have been knitting for over 20 years.  It is true, when I was 10 I didn't really care what kind of yarn I was using, but it sounds impressive.  I also didn't point out that pipe cleaners are also referred to as chenille stems because of the processed used to make them.
  I do hope she found the yarn she wanted, but I guess she didn't want to learn something new that day.  This goes along the same lines of when I got 'the look' from someone who was insisting that someone cannot work on a project unless you have yarn from the same dye lot.  The yarn she was looking for was a white background with pink, blue, and green dots of color.  She didn't like my idea where I told her to do one row stripes between the two for a few rows to cover any differences there might be.

  A friend of the family has been trying to clear out some of her extra crafting supplies.  It has mostly been fabric.  I got some and also got some fabric for a friend who wants to be a fashion designer.  As we were going through bins of fabric and notions we saw some oddly shaped crochet things.  This was one of the larger ones.  My mom mentioned about Knitters and Crocheters Care.  She said she just sits and crochets at night and that none of the pieces were really things.  She is thinking of finishing more of the random stripes so she could donate them too.

  Before my phone battery freaked out I sent Bill the picture I posted the other day of the snow.  He was worried it would be all gone by the time he got back.  He came home early and got home around 3am this morning.  Around 7am when he left for work I told him that I made sure to keep the snow around just for him.  I am glad he got to see it.  The last time it snowed this winter he was also out of town and it had melted by the time he got back.  Being from Ohio, he loves seeing the snow and having it be cold out.
  Though the sounds of the snow melting off my roof has me paranoid that someone is trying to break into my house.  I keep having to cautiously peer out of windows.

Today's count: 3,624
Monthly count: 12,121
Finished objects: 0

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