Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go me today!

  At work today I felt like I was being super awesome.  I was trying to sign-up people for classes but when the system went to give the bar code to scan at the register it was running into an error.  The recording said they had known about it since 11:30am.  I was trying to do all of this about an hour later than they made the recording.  The recording said that they were going to give a status update at 1pm if the problem was not fixed.  I told the people to wonder around and we would try again around 1pm.  We tried again and I gave a call around 1:05pm.  The recording had not changed and the problem was not fixed.  The guy on support told us that we could have the people buy a gift card and we could use that to pay for the class so they didn't have to hang out for some undetermined amount of time.
  Around 3:30pm I tried to print the barcodes again and it worked.  So I pulled out their gift cards and ran it through the register.  I then gave everyone a call and put all of their receipts in a safe place.  I feel like I was being super awesome today!

  One thing I was not awesome at today was taking pictures.  It was over cast when I was at home though.  It got sunny out a little, but I was at work so I couldn't drop everything and take pictures.  It was dark by the time I left.  Hopefully I will get some done tomorrow.

Today's count: 1,030
Monthly count: 33,986
Finished objects: 2

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