Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The End of the Colorful Hats

  Krissy, the one who did my banner, mentioned that she wanted to go to Eastern Market.  I told her about how fun it is the last time I went and donated some of my fabric.  Since I had another bag to go through and we decided to do a Girl's Weekend, I thought it was the perfect time.  This is what came out of the last mystery bag and I took to Jamie, though I almost forgot it in various places three times.
  After getting some Bloody Marys and breakfast foods for lunch, we bought some brownies and headed home.  Later, while I got her hooked on Critical Role, we ordered our favorite things from the local Thai restaurant.  It's funny how no two places have the exact same things.

  This house was pretty impressive.  Every tree was coated in lights, every edge on the house had a bright line, and there were faux deer and giant ornaments in the back yard.  I also love the sign right out front.  My phone isn't the best at taking pictures in the dark, so you might not be able to read it.  It tells people to text LIFE to 50333 to donate $10 to St. Jude.  Many other people stopped to take a look as well, so I like how they we getting that donation suggestion out.

  So many colorful hats!  One for each of her grandchildren and a few of them have the brim and top colors based on what they like.  The one in the far back only needed the top and that cords added to be finished.  She brought them all in so we could all take a look before she mailed them off.
  It is so impressive that she started these back in the beginning of October.  With as many color changes, and so many ends to weave in, I can say that I am blown away.  All the hats have the stripe pattern and the fleur de lis, which are both in the book knit hats! edited by Gwen Steege.  She also had a bunch of grid paper tucked into the pages because she made up a bunch of her own to make them more interesting.

  It has taken me so long to publish this post that almost a whole week has gone by (coming up on tomorrow) and I even finished that hat made from all the leftovers.  The picture isn't the best, but Panera's lighting isn't made for photography.  It was a pretty fun hat.  It is a small feather and fan and after I finished it I wondered if I should have made a brioche rib with it.  Too late now.
  Time to go back to the Hearts and Waves hats!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bright Colors.

I thought I was knitting with bright yarn...

  I was wrong.  She has been making these neon hats for a while and we like to tease her about her dull color choices.  I love them and will be a bit sad the day when there are no more neon hats.

  I finished my scarf that was supposed to be a cowl.  It was fun to make even though I forgot a few times that I was working in the back loop only and had to take some out a few times.  The yarns were also slightly different weights and one also had more in it.  I would have had enough to make another stripe of pink but I only had enough to do a few rows of the blue.
  I kept worrying that it was going to be too short, but the scarf is about 94" long when measured down the middle.  Things just always seem smaller when balled up on your lap.

  Anyone remember when I mentioned this?  The top I started back when I was in college sometime in either 2005 or 2006.  Well, I finished it today!  I again had the problem of putting off the last step for a while.  I didn't want to sew the buttons on because I always worry that I won't secure them well enough or that I will put them in the wrong area.
  I had so much fun when I finally sewed the buttons on that I felt the need to do it again.  In other words, I sewed the buttons on the wrong side and had to do it again.  I used some crochet cotton, so hopefully those will hold on and no one will have to sew them on again any time soon.

  I know I had that leaf thing in mind for my next project, but I keep getting distracted by other things.  Right now I have the small Heart and Waves hat on the needles for my future written pattern, and I also have a random hat that I'm using odds and ends for.  Hopefully not too many people were super excited to see what the leaf thing was going to be, because there are a few more hats in my head before I get to that.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Turkey Day/Thursday

  I was right!  She was able to get a better picture than I did.  I had definitely not planned on that thing getting to be that big and it didn't feel quite so big when I was working on it, but it sure is a doozy.

  I also feel like I haven't done any knitting or crochet in such a long time.  I did teach that knit hat class last week.  I didn't finish that project because it was knit flat around the head as a flat piece that was then made into a tube and cinched at the top.  I thought that was a silly design since there were no short rows and the top would be very bulky.  I taught the class and my students seemed happy, so that is a good thing.  I also showed them the importance of gauge because my sample was not done with big needles and chunky yarn but with smaller yarn.  Theirs would fit their hat and mine would have fit a large doll's head or a very small baby.
  Since that I had not gone to any knit-nights for various reasons.  I skipped Saturday because I needed to finish some work so I could get the table cleaned off for D&D and I also had the New Member Orientation during the morning.  I then spent Monday getting another tally group done so I could have another mailing done for work on Tuesday.  The Wednesday, that was yesterday, was used to get anything done we needed to for today.
  It's only been about a week, but it had definitly felt longer.  It definitly felt weird, but I have plans to go to knitting this coming Saturday.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Distracted by Distractions

  Not sure why that picture looks like it is in black and white, I swear it isn't.  This is the re-do from the Wish pattern I did before.  I definitely like it a lot better and I like the decreases I did on this one better as well.

  I kept meaning to finish these earrings and listing them online.  I have a bunch of charms that I have been making into super easy to make earrings to list for the Holidays.  I took some pictures and listed a few online.  I don't want to list too many at once because Etsy has a section on the front page for recent listings and you have a better chance to get noticed if you only do a few at a time.  I'm also pretty sure I had made more than I found, so I will have to see where those went to.

  I've noticed an interesting habit of mine.  If I teach a pattern class I tend to want to finish the project.  This is the last class I taught.  I tried to find the pattern and couldn't find this one either.  I'm wondering if the people within JoAnn's corporate office have found someone to make patterns for them.
  I am in the middle of writing patterns for a small and a large of my Heart and Waves hat pattern.  That is now put on hold because of this crochet thing.  The pattern tells you to make it into a cowl but I want to use as much yarn as I can, so it might be a scarf.  Just remember, the more yarn I use the less I have to organize.

  This has been done and sitting in a bag since February.  My problem was that it is so big and was so hard to find a place to take a good picture of it.  I'm also standing on a chair to get this picture, so you are welcome that I put myself in danger for you.
  Okay, not real danger.  I will also post a better picture if Andrea manages to get one.  This thing is oddly shaped and huge.  Some free floor space probably would have been a better choice than some tables pushed together.

  I'm also getting distracted from organizing my house.  It doesn't help that I'm really bad at it.  I know a lot of people claim this, but I know I am.  Most people can work in a room for a few hours and make a big difference.  It takes me at least 6 hours before any real difference can be seen.  It also doesn't help that I didn't take as much time as I meant to during my down-time at work and now we are getting busy.  I also have more things that I need to list more things on LetGo or just donate them.  I'll get the hang of it someday.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'm a Critter Now!

  Starting on the Thursday before last I had found myself with a scratchy throat.  It then progressed to a full sore throat that lasted through Friday and Saturday.  I felt pretty good on Tuesday but then I got a bit worse on Wednesday.  Bill had sent me a link to an episode of Critical Roll on Geek and Sundry.  It wasn't the first episode, but it was a more light hearted one that didn't give away too much of the story-line.  It was hilarious and about flying cows and I was hooked.
  I had already been a fan of Geek and Sundry and have watched a bunch of Felicia Day's Flogs and Table Top with Wil Wheaton, but hadn't watching much beyond those two.  I'm not sure how they got invited on, but Critical Roll is a show where a bunch of voice actors play D&D.  They had been playing about a year or so together before they came to Geek and Sundry.
  When they are streaming on Twitch they donate any money that is sent in to 826 LA and they encourage people to check out if there is an 826 chapter near them.  In only a few episodes they have gotten to the point where they only have time to read the names of people who have donated over $20 because they were getting so many.  They have even had some other people representing other charities stop by everyon once in a while and have given the donations from that night to the other charity.  Most of cast has also has a list of charities they personally support.  They are such nice people, I want to be friends with all of them.
  They are all also very good at what they do.  Matt Mercer is an amazing story teller; you give him a crumb and he will not only tell you about the cake but the kitchen it was baked in and maybe a bit about what kind of day it was.  Everyone one else is so funny and good at improve.  They also get very into it and love their characters so much.  Back before they started playing on the stream they had a death of one of their party members.  Everyone was crying about it and did everything they could to bring her back.  Some people might think that is silly since they are just numbers on a piece of paper and images in their minds.  I think it is awesome because it helps everyone involved get more into it and makes it so much better now that they are sharing it with the world.  Their playlist can be found here, and their Geek and Sundry page can be found here.

  Now that I've gotten that wall of text of me fan-girling (and not so secretly wishing I could be friends with all of them) on to what I got done while watching them run around while causing trouble and fixing problems.

  I finished that hat you saw pictured in the post from a few weeks ago.  There was another thing I changed before that I hadn't noted.  On the second one I made I had decided that I liked the heart lace better without the very top row of lace.  Of course I realised this when starting my last heart of the hat.

  While I had achieved the effect that I had been hoping for with the first try, but you know I like trying new things.  I wanted to see if I could still get the flowing and branching off effect if I didn't use the ribbing and used stockinette instead.

  While it is a cool texture it doesn't look as much like flowing water as when I first did it.  Both are good looking, but I think I like my first attempt better.

  I really like this Aura yarn by Austermann.  I was worried that it was going to be a bit hard to work with because of how smooth and slippery it seemed to be in the ball.  Bits of it was also slipping off before I even started working with it.
  I wasn't very bad at all.  I used metal needles and didn't have any more worries about stitches jumping off the needle than I have had with most other yarns.
  This is a Scallop Lace Hat.  I wasn't sure what all I could make with what I had left and I remembered making this once before and that I liked it.  I didn't know how it was going to turn out because the yarn was a different thickness, but I think it turned out pretty well.

  Since it went so well before, I decided to give it another try.  I know I said that I was going to give the rest of this yarn back to the donation pile, but I was still feeling yucky and didn't want to move around too much to rummage through yarn to find something.  This was sitting near me on the couch.
  I didn't run into any more problems with it, so it seems that the yarn itself might be fine and all the problems I had run into before might have just been the fault of how the yarn had been stored before I got it.  It must have had a hard life.

  I finally remembered to soak and block this.  This was the crochet version of the Neck Warmers I had been knitting like crazy.

  I think it looks pretty cool.  The main body of the neck warmer is done in extended single crochets and the leaves are in single crochets.  I had planned on having the whole thing in singles, but it was taking a long time to get anything done and it was becoming a bit stiff.

  I was feeling better, which was good because I had run out of yarn within easy arm's reach and had to venture forth to find more.  While I had that green and leafy project swatched out I didn't think I was ready for it yet.  Since I was on a hat roll I found something that I thought would make a cute hat.
  I cast on and started knitting.  I figured I would try the second version of my Wish Braid hat I had in mind.  I got a few cables up and saw that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish.  I then took it out and re-cast on with one less repeat.  There should be pictures before too long at the rate I'm going.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We Have a Pretty Impressive Group of People Over Here.

  Our little Wednesday group is filled with some awesome people.  I know every group has some awesome people, but I'm going to brag about a few we have at Santini's on Wednesday nights. 

  She is a dive coach and makes one for each of her divers and the swim team got so jealous that the coach now buys them from her for the swim team.

  She plans each one out on graph paper before making them out of yarn.  It also isn't like each one is the same with a different name, each one has a different image on it as well.  She had some pictures of previous ones she had made and they are all super impressive.

  Not to brag too much, but The Fiberists have joined our ranks.  They are fun to be around and make yarn into some really pretty colorways.  You can also buy roving they have dyed if you like to spin your own yarn.  They sometimes have a booth at some yarn events, but they do not have a permanent store currently.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

One Hat Down Some Unknown Number To Go.

  I couldn't put it down and finished the hat soon after I finished the last post.  The decreases didn't turn out how I pictured in my head.  The decrease rows where there were also cables on the same side were a lot trickier than I had thought they were going to be.  I think I am going to try again, this time I will use the single purl on each side to do the decreasing so that the cables will still pop out.  I also want to make the breaks between the cables one row taller.  Something more in the middle of the two cables I tried on this.

  This is all that is left of the skein.  I usually make it a challenge to myself to find a use for the whole thing, but I think this one is going to go back to the K&CC pile.  It still has a few parts that are spun a bit thinner, but it had been a while since I had run into my last break.

  This is neither a good nor complete picture of all the things I dropped off on Monday.  Some of you may remember the make-up bags I was putting together around the end of last year.  Since I hadn't heard from my contact as to where to bring everything, it had been put on hold.  I was recently able to get ahold of her and got an address and hours I could drop stuff off during.
  I put it into my GPS and found out that it was only about seven miles from my house.  Super easy!  Before heading over I stopped at Dollar Tree to get the last few things.  I wanted to wait to get the face wipes until the last minute because I didn't want to risk them drying out.  I was going to pick up hand cream while I was there but couldn't find it.  Instead I picked up some lip gloss and deodorant.
  I drove to where my GPS said I could find my destination.  There was a sign when turning in at the end of a dead-end street that said there were buildings with numbers 20-50.  Well, I was looking for a 10.  The building that the GPS took me to, and that the map said was where I could find it, was a 50.  I drove around some more and didn't see anything more useful, so I decided to see what they said.
  I was told that they were not the right location and had no idea where to find them.  One suggestion they had was to check out the 20 building because there were some small businesses in there.  Most of the office areas in there looked empty, but I kept walking to see the rest of the building.
  As I rounded a second corner I saw another building and it was the 10 I was looking for!  I hurried back to my car and drove it to the correct building.  I was also told that they were in suite 305, but turns out they were in 304.  That one was a lot easier to figure out.
  The location is now in my phone so I can easily find it again.  The lady seemed shocked at all the items I was brining in.  What can I say, I like shopping for make-up and don't need any more of it.

  Since I am on a hat kick I decided to see if my Heart and Waves pattern was written correctly.  When I made it the first time I was kind of winging it and not totally paying attention to what I was doing.  The second was also a success and I tried to write it down as I made it.  Now it has been long enough that I won't remember what I did before and will have to rely on the pattern.  I already found one mistake and one thing to modify, but it is easy enough to fix and change as I go.  I'm also pretty sure that the cable portion is divisible by 8 + 6.  This will be helpful if I use yarn in a different weight and won't be able to use the same number of stitches as I'm using now.
  I will also need to figure out how to do decreases if I end on a second cable instead of the first.  So far I've made the few hats work with doing three cables, but I know my luck will run out at some point where it comes to that.
  The picture also doesn't capture how bright and bubblegum pink the yarn is.  It also doesn't show how shiny and slippery the yarn is.  It is Aura by Austermann and is 78% rayon and 22% nylon.  It is so pretty and soft, but I know the stitches would go running off the needle if I don't pay attention, especially once I get to the cables.

  I also sort of saved a puppy the other day at work.  I was driving to buy some ice for the Membership Meeting and saw a puppy on the sidewalk with no leash or person nearby.  I did a u-turn to see if maybe the puppy had run ahead and its person was coming along.  I still didn't see anyone.  I pulled my car over and slowly approached the puppy.  I saw it had tags with an address on it.  I tried to pick up the puppy because I didn't have a leash and he jumped free.  I then followed him as he kept itself about five feet in front of me.  He went into the yard of the one house without a fence and then went up the stairs to the porch.  Hopefully that was his house and he won't get close to the road alone again.