Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day 3: Start of Phase 2

8:09 am
  We had a slightly later start today.  There are also a lot less stuff in my driveway.  In fact, there is currently only a truck, some tool belts, and my old gutters.  I was told before that the dumpster for this group was going to be delivered at some point yesterday when I got a call on Sat, and I was told that they were going to be bringing one with them this morning.  Hopefully one shows up at some point.

9:13 am
  Still no dumpster, and it looks like they are putting new wood up.  This makes me hope that they don't really need to take the sections down that have the dentil molding, but I'm also making sure to not get my hopes up too much.

10:19 am
  Edwin is the one in the picture.  Looks like the molding is down.  Luckily Bill helped me get a rough estimate of their size before he left for work.  They are about 1" thick and 2.5" wide and tall.  Some are a bit taller than others, but they are evenly spaced apart.  Bill thinks I should try and live with the house without the dentil molding for a bit before I start getting people out to get quotes.  He points out that I will still have it around the front porch and that might make it more special.  I tried looking around in their pile of discards to see if I could find any of the squares, but I didn't see any.

11:19 am
  I think they are using their second truck to take away the garbage.  There is still no dumpster and the piles are made of different things than they were before.  It is really interesting to see that where the squares were there are now holes, so that must have been what helped hold them on.
  I'm hoping they get a lot done today because I won't be around for most of the day tomorrow.  I have a busy day and I don't know if I can get Bill to take as many progress photos.
  I will have a small sample to show from the knitting class I'm teaching in the early afternoon.  I'm hoping the New Member Orientation doesn't go too long because I don't want to miss any of the new Critical Role.

  I got brave and talked to one of the workers.  It sounds like they won't be pulling the wood off of the front of the garage.  I asked if they could save me one of the blocks and he said they were just going to put the aluminum over that wood since it was still nice.  So that means I'm not totally losing my dentil molding, but it will be hidden.  I think it will look interesting to see how the bends look.

12:24 pm
  Their design also has more details than I had assumed.  I thought it was going to be just a flat right-angled thing.  I like the little edge it has that gives more dimension, like the molding did.  This means that Bill will get to tease me for being so upset about the dentil molding and not believing him when he said everything was going to be okay.

1:18 pm
  I'm not sure if they are on lunch or what is happening.  Two of them are not around but the other three are still working.  Maybe the two are getting lunch for everyone and they will eat when they get back.

2:20 pm
  Looking that what it looks like from this angle I think the holes I saw were for ventilation and not what was holding the dentil molding on.  It looks like they built the front down some and added the aluminum on top.  Comparing the space between the bottom of where the dentil moldings were and where the bottom of the new ledge is leads me to believe that they are still under there.

3:31 pm
  It looks like they are almost done.  The lead guy was joking with me that they will be out next year to do our siding.  He was also impressed that they got the roof done in two days.

4:04 pm
  I got a knock on my door and the lead guy told me that they were all done for the day.  We did a walk around and everything looked good to me.  He told me the guy to do the gutters will be out tomorrow.

  On the sides and back they did what I was worried the front was going to look like.  It is just flat.  I'm okay with it on the sides because the siding gives it some interest, and I don't look at the back very often.  I do like the little detail on the bottom at the corners.

  My neighbor put a sign on the basketball hoop that I'm pretty sure doesn't have an owner.  Some of the kids from further up the street use it sometimes, so it isn't totally unloved.  I'm also not sure why Ms. Jackie thinks the people who are coming out to work on my house would want a basketball hoop, but she's trying.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Day 2: The Loud People Are Back, but That's Probably Because we Are Paying Them.

  Bright and early at 7:20am, the crew was back.  Though it is still really chilly out, it looks like it is going to be a nicer day for them.

8:12 am
  Same story as yesterday, they are really getting it done quickly.  It is a whole lot louder and also a lot more vibrations going through the house.  Now I see why they tell you to move anything on a high shelf that might not be the most stable.

  This thing is so cool.  For the shorter sections they just had someone hand the plywood up.  That would be a lot harder to do on the main roof.  This little guy holds the plywood and quickly takes it to the top.  It also hauled the shingles and other things with ease right up.

8:15 am
  Here is a closeup of the little machine.  It just has some wheels that carry it up and down the ladder.  Easy and effective.

9:54 am
  So many pieces of plywood are needed to cover the top of our house.  I know it is because we do not have the traditional two sided roof with siding on it, but I really like our roof profile.  I've put similar roofs on the houses I have made in The Sims a lot.

10:30 am
  It stayed colder than would have been nice for them, but at least it stayed sunny.  I'm sure the sun didn't actually help them since it was so bright.  Hopefully it helped them feel a bit warmer. It made some fun silhouette shows for me.

11:10 am
  They took lunch earlier today.  A few of them also are using our lawn furniture we moved to the front tree.  I was surprised no one used them yesterday, they are in one of the sunny spots in my yard.

12:20 pm
 They are doing a good job taking everything off.  I think it helps because we are getting the wood replaced.  It means they are cutting the old plywood and pulling everything off.  There will be a lot less leftover nails found around the house later.  They are going around and putting down tarps and using magnets, but some will always be missed.  It's like when you drop beads, spend a while looking for them, find some more the next few days, and somehow still vacuum some up weeks later.

6:04 pm
  I went to work, hence the jump in time.  I was really surprised to see them still around when I got home.  I heard from Bill that they got really rowdy around 2:30 pm, that must have been when they were getting the shingles on.
  The crew tomorrow will be arriving later than the first phase crew.  They should be showing up around 7:30 am.  Goody.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Day 1: Rain, Rain, Go Away

8:45 am
  This is a really interesting process.  I was wondering how they were going to do a whole roof in the span of two days.  I was also wondering what they were going to do because it was supposed to rain and houses don't like rain getting in.

8:47 am
  They are doing everything in stages.  Guys were putting the new plywood on the back section while they were still pulling the old stuff from the front.

9:41 am
  They also got all the plywood on over the garage before they started anything else.  This is very nice because it means there is a minimal amount of rain getting in.

10:40 am
  I noticed there were more sounds of hammering and less sounds of breaking and sawing.  We've moved on to putting on the weather proofing stuff.

11:40 am
  While some of the guys are putting shingles on over the garage, the rest of the team had started pulling things off of the study/library.  I don't think we warned them that they might get to see our upstairs neighbors, but I didn't hear any yelling, so I guess there were no surprises.
  The color is looking pretty good too.  You can compare the two in the picture above.

1:04 pm
  This picture was taken right before they all climbed down for lunch.  I feel like they are really moving along.

2:18  pm
  Looks like there are only a few more touches needed to finish the garage.  The study still looks the same as of right now.

  These are the shingles from the little bump-out we have in our kitchen area.  You can see the color difference between the exposed area and the covered area on the old shingles.

3:28 pm
  I got to meet Steve, our project manager.  He confirmed what I had assumed, that they were going to get all the smaller roofs done today and get the big one done tomorrow.  He said they can usually get everything done in one day, but since we have so many sides and angles to ours, it will take a bit more time.
  Something interesting was that it seems that we have metal siding.  They had to cut some of it to get the shingles in, but they will cover it with bits of metal that is almost the exact same color as the siding.  They are also putting in the metal to seal around the chimney into the mortar and then sealing it.  That way if the sealant was to fail, the water won't be able to get in.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


  I took a quiz that tells you what type of blog you should have.  They didn't give any list, so I wasn't sure if 'crafting' or 'charity' were topics that might be a possibility when I took the quiz.
Lifestyle / Personal Brand blog best suits your desires and personality!
You are multifaceted, just like your future blog. You would enjoy blogging about a myriad of subjects and have many passions. That means you might blog about your life, beauty, fashion, baking, adventure, travel, etc. The best part is that there are TONS of bloggers who have turned their personal lifestyle blog into a full-time career!

  It is really going to happen.  It felt like something we were just talking about and mentioning as a thing that was going to happen in the future.  However, the materials have been delivered and are blocking my garage right now.
  I had a minor freak out about a few things.  How they didn't have our same color, so while the roof will still be a dark color, it will be a grey instead of a warm brown.  They also said they would not replace the dental molding.  I don't know if it is because they just don't want to because of the added cost, or if they really can't.  Either way, it is really annoying because the first guy didn't mention anything about that.

  The guy who dropped everything off was amazing on the fork-lift.  He got everything off and in place in less than half an hour and was zipping around on that thing.  I was really impressed.  I had even recorded video of it, but when I hit Stop my phone freaked out and the file ended up getting corrupted.  He also had a very nice beard.

  Knitting wise, I'm closing in on that green leafy pattern.  I did start the hat I warned you about because I finished my swatch on Monday knit-night and didn't have any of the actual project supplies with me.  I finished that hat and I had enough scraps to make another hat.  I knew the scraps would bug me, and I knew it would be a small hat, so it won't take very long.
  House wise, I'm still making some progress.  I keep getting distracted from organizing projects by knitting projects and making sure I keep up with my work.  Luckily the amount of work I need to do is slowing down, so I will have more time during the week to try and tackle the dining room and the living room next to it.  I also joke the the more I knit, the less I have to organise.  While it is partially true, I feel like I need to knit faster to make a real dent.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

"You're bisocksual."

For the person who knits them from both top down or bottom up.  I'm pretty sure I've posted that joke on here before, but I couldn't easily find it, so hopefully it wasn't too recently.

  I decided to make a CC Beanie copycat hat.  It turns out there is a pattern to  make one on Ravelry.  I would just wing the ones I made in the past off the one I saw someone wearing in Eastern Market.  The decreases on this one was nothing like the one I saw.

  I decided to try and use the pattern for the second one.  I did the twisted stitches for the brim and then I tried the regular one-by-one ribbing for the body.  I liked the twisted stitches but I didn't like how the regular ribbing looked on the main body of the hat.  I was pretty sure that the hat I saw in the wild had brioche ribbing and I like the way it looks on the body of the hat better too.
  I tried to do the decreases like I saw on the original hat, but I think I wasn't as aggressive enough with them.  Next time I think I will try doing a p3tog instead of decreasing by the knits and only putting two together.

  Look, another hat!  I had planned on using this yarn and a lighter one to make a two colored brioche ribbed hat.  I ran into problems when I started working with it because it felt so much different than the other yarn I had pulled to use.  Luckily there was enough in the ball that I got a whole hat made out of it alone.  A regular one-by-one ribbed hat is still an awesome hat.

  Yet anoth- wait, something new.  It was interesting.  I cast on an amount that looked like it was a touch larger than my head.  I was hoping to make it into a man's hat and I knew it would expand some as I started working with it.  I finished the first two rows and it looked like it might be a touch too big, but that it might fit someone with a pretty large head.
  Looking at the picture you are probably wondering who I thought would have a head that large.  I'm pretty sure it is about half again as large now as it looked after the first few rounds.  It was kind of weird.  It seems to have calmed down now and has only been growing in height, and not width.

  I also know that I keep talking about a project that will be worked with green yarn and have something to do with leaves.  I also know that I keep making hats that are neither green nor have anything to do with leaves.  I need to make another test swatch before I can begin that one and I keep getting distracted by making hats.  I have my stitch pattern all printed out, so the plan is to make that swatch once I get the cowl off the needles.
  Depending on how long that takes, I have plans for one more hat before I get started on the green leafy project.  One of my friends made up her own method for decreasing and I really like it.  She typed it out for me and I want to give it a try.  The hat will only happen if I finish my swatch and still have time at a knit-night, otherwise it will have to wait.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

What happened?

  I bet you noticed that this year came to an end differently than previous years.  There were no posts about me frantically trying to finish as many things as I could to get them in before the end.  The End Of The Year recap was even late getting posted!  So let me tell you what all happened.

  First of all, I got sick.  Not sure what it was.  It could have been the flu, food poisoning, a stomach bug, or someone sneezed too close to me.  Either way, I was totally out of commission for a bit.  I rung in the new year with Saltines and Green Apple Gatorade.
  Not too long after I started to feel better we got a set of bookcases from my friend.  She has since moved out of the state and her mother isn't allowing her to throw them out.  Since I had not touched the living room at all, we had to do some re-organizing to get them in.
  I also fell really far behind in work.  I had scheduled my days out to get as much done as I could.  Sleeping all day puts a damper on that.  I've still not caught up all the way, but some changes we have implemented will make doing that be a lot easier. 

  If nothing else, I have found a home for all of these.  I tried selling them, but no one was really interested.  I hadn't thought they would be, but it didn't hurt to try.  54 back issues of popular comics isn't really something people are looking for.
  Second Story told me they would take them, but not until after Jan 4th.  Today is the 6th, so I think it will be fine.  They also won't go straight there.  I'm giving them to Andrea (the one who takes the pictures) since she makes more trips than I do.  It makes more sense that if she is already going that she take them.  Gives me more time to see if I remember how to knit.

  I know it hasn't really been long enough for me to forget, it just feels like it.  I even finished another hat on December 25th that never got a mention.  It was going to be the first on my post about getting things done last minute.  Hopefully I can get a good picture of it before I hand it off and forget to.

  Along with getting shelves to organize some of the things we have, Bill has been trying to be more active in getting rid of some of the stuff we have gathered that we don't really need.  As much fun as it is to have 100 Amazon Prime boxes laying around, most are too small for Tank to enjoy.  While trying to figure out what to do with them, besides break them down and put them in the recycle bin, we found Give Back Box.  It is such a cool idea!
  So many people have Amazon boxes laying around and I'm sure there are people with items they would like to donate, but don't have a center that is easy to get to.  This solves both problems.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Here is a quick list of everything I got done in the year of 2017.

Crochet: 8
~~~Cupcake/Mushroom Hat
~~~Blue Waves
~~~Green and Brown Boy Scarf
~~~Neck Warmer
~~~Spring Shawl
~~~Granny Varient Shawl
~~~Free Form Granny Square Shawl
~~~Waterbottle Holder

Knit: 26
~~~PussyHats (3)
~~~Boy's Not Fully Ribbed Hat
~~~Spiral Ribbed Hat
~~~Brioche Ribbed Hat
~~~Rocket Pop Hat (2)
~~~Wish Hat v1
~~~Hearts and Waves 3
~~~Hearts and Waves Ver 2
~~~Small Pink Scallop Hat
~~~Small Brown Scallop Hat
~~~Wish Hat v2
~~~Super Slouchy Feather and Fan Hat
~~~Multi-everything Scarf
~~~Slippy Cowl
~~~Short Scarf Cowl
~~~Impulse Scallop Shawl
~~~Simple Mobious Cowl
~~~Neck Warmer (1, 2)
~~~Purples Baby Surprise Jacket
~~~Grey Cabled Shrug
~~~Sweet Gale

Other stuff: 170
~~~Monster Bow Parts (2)
~~~Deodorant (20)
~~~e.l.f. Lip Balm (9)
~~~e.l.f. Lip Gloss (20)
~~~Eyeshadow Brushes (20)
~~~Eyeshadow Pallets (20)
~~~Eyeshadow Primer (20)
~~~Face Wipes (20)
~~~Jordana Lip Balm (11)
~~~Makeup Bags (18)
~~~Mascara Multi-packs (4)
~~~Sanitary Napkin Pack (1)

Others Work: 2
+ 26?
~~PussyHats (2)
~~~So Many Things (Maybe 26?)