Saturday, January 31, 2015

Busy little stressed out bee.

  So I have been pretty good at keeping track of all my stitching for most of the month, but this last month was kind of crazy.  Got to deal with stuff at work that I shouldn't have had to.  Way more stress than is needed and I have deiced to seriously look elsewhere.  This all lead to days where instead of coming home and working on something, as I should have, I kind of just vegged in front of the TV.
  I have also finally started working on something for an anime convention that is coming up.  I have had this thing planned out since two years ago.  This means that I have sewed a seam that is over 386 inches twice now.  I need to sew it one more time to get it to lay the way I want it to.  Kind of crazy now that I have done the math.
  Once the con is over things should be able to settle down a little bit more.  I can't make any promises, but that is usually what happens.

  Though I did not hit 50,000 stitches this month, I think I did a pretty good job of it.  Thinking it over now, March may have been a better month to try this, but doing a challenge isn't all about making it super easy on yourself.
  I am pretty tired of this patriotic stocking-cap I started though.  You would think I would be happy since I like knitting, but something about it has just gotten old about this project.  Like the scarf, I will push through until I start something new though.

Tuesday's count: 870
Wednesday's count: 270 (this is when most of the machine sewing happened)
Thursday's count: 1,012
Friday's count: 0
Today's count: 1,980
Monthly count: 42,282
Finished objects: 2

Monday, January 26, 2015

I wasn't hoping for that kind of encouragement.

  It is one thing if a boss encourages people, but it is another if they are encouraging people to run away as fast as they can.  I got in trouble today for not doing my boss's job correctly today.  Yup, you read that correctly.  I wasn't doing anything wrong in what I should be doing, but I was doing something that I am not technically allowed to (and have not been trained for) incorrectly.  It wasn't even something that was a big deal, the guy on store support was confused why we were even calling about it.
  This is one of the many final nails in the coffin that is encouraging me to find a better day-job.  I'm hoping that with some of the other jobs I am looking at I will have a few more moments to get some crafting done.  Even if I just have a shorter commute I will have more time to make things.

  Now that all the lame stuff from today is out of the way, here is some fun stuff from yesterday:

  This is the crochet woven scarf.  I tried to take a picture of the stitch in more detail, but I think I need an assistant to help hold it out.  It is kind of fun and spattered looking right now.

  Here is the hat I was talking about the other day.  I'm still thinking over if it is long enough or not.  You can see I still left the needles in, it is funnier that way.  I keep leaning more and more towards taking out all the decreases and adding at least one more pattern repeat.
  I also put fancy make-up stuff on my eye lids.  I have been doing that more and more.  It gets to be more and more fun the better you get at it.

  I have been going crazy with my "new" KnitPicks ball winder.  I love it, and not just because it is purple.  Though I have noticed that if I keep going too fast once it starts to get big I have the problem you see above. 

  I also had lots of plans for these little lovelies.  I have not used any of them for this yet.  I have another idea.  I was going to make a small and bigger dress so that a little girl could have a doll with a matching dress.  I have not sewn anything in a while.
  My new idea is to use a few of them with some of my leftover scraps and make some cute knitted and crocheted items for these.  Then I would just donate the doll all by herself.  They are also not hugely expensive so I'm not too worried about running out of them.

Yesterday's count: 4,164
Today's count: 0
Monthly count: 38,150
Finished objects: 2

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go me today!

  At work today I felt like I was being super awesome.  I was trying to sign-up people for classes but when the system went to give the bar code to scan at the register it was running into an error.  The recording said they had known about it since 11:30am.  I was trying to do all of this about an hour later than they made the recording.  The recording said that they were going to give a status update at 1pm if the problem was not fixed.  I told the people to wonder around and we would try again around 1pm.  We tried again and I gave a call around 1:05pm.  The recording had not changed and the problem was not fixed.  The guy on support told us that we could have the people buy a gift card and we could use that to pay for the class so they didn't have to hang out for some undetermined amount of time.
  Around 3:30pm I tried to print the barcodes again and it worked.  So I pulled out their gift cards and ran it through the register.  I then gave everyone a call and put all of their receipts in a safe place.  I feel like I was being super awesome today!

  One thing I was not awesome at today was taking pictures.  It was over cast when I was at home though.  It got sunny out a little, but I was at work so I couldn't drop everything and take pictures.  It was dark by the time I left.  Hopefully I will get some done tomorrow.

Today's count: 1,030
Monthly count: 33,986
Finished objects: 2

Friday, January 23, 2015

I got stood-up, again!

  So last week I mentioned that one person who signed up for a crochet class did not show up.  Yesterday was the second day and the day that the second person was supposed to show up.  She did not.  I was looking forward to teaching that class too.  It was a super easy one, but I thought it was still going to be fun.
  Though speaking of fun, I finished a super fast project.  Well, I sort of finished it, realized I had a weird amount of yarn left, took it all out and then remade it with more stitches.  I just need to weave in some ends and add some over-sized buttons.

  Today was not as productive as I thought it was going to be.  I took Mr. Jag to the kitty-doctor and as far as she could tell he was doing fine.  There was some stuff they wanted to send off to get tests done on, but nothing out of the normal for a one year check-up.  He has lost about 5 pounds since last year's check-up.  The vet suggested that I bring him in some time to do another glucose curve.  Since he has been losing weight I have not had to give him as much insulin.  When he came to my house he was 20 lbs and got 2.5 units per day.  We are down to one unit per day and with the recent loss we might be able to go down again.
  Bill and I did go and see Mordecai today.  I really liked the movie.  It was a very cute and funny movie.  I suggest it.

  I was going to start another Multidirectional Diagonal scarf(Ravelry link) but then I thought about how much I would need to keep track of and how much adding would be needed during some parts of the scarf.  I know that once I get one triangle done I could figure out how many stitches there were and just add them together, but I like being able to just take one number and multiply it.  This way I won't have to worry about stopping at some random point in a triangle.
  I started a patriotic stocking cap.  I have had the yarn sitting in my dinning room for a while.  It has been looking at me really sadly lately.  The navy blue looks almost black though.

  Hopefully sometime this weekend there will be some sun and I will be able to take pictures of some finished things.  They are starting to pile up over here!

Yesterday's count: 872
Today's count: 2880
Monthly count: 32,956
Finished objects: 2

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Like back in the day!

 So many things being interesting in their own ways today.  One of the things is that I've been volun-told to do is to lead a small group of people to make sure that my section of the store is clean and stocked.  I'm not sure where my section is yet, but I know I didn't volunteer for this.
  It is never a good sign when people throw you a party when you go to another job because they are happy you are getting out.  It isn't as bad for everyone, but some of us are very disenchanted.

  I went back to talk to the people about my phone issues.  I went to the battery place and they showed me that it wasn't the battery, it was really my phone being special.  The guy there was super nice and recharged my battery for me.
  At the cell store they tried to do a few things to bring it back to life.  They even pulled all the tricks to get it to restart that involved pushing a bunch of buttons at once.  The guy somehow got it to get to one of the special menus, but not the useful one.
  I was given some options, but they didn't impress me.  Since we have been with the same cell company for a while, both of our numbers are eligible for their new special deal.  The deal is that we would only have to pay $6 per month for the new phone for two years.  Then I would trade in my phone and get the newest model.  I asked her what would happen if I didn't want to trade in my phone after two years.  She looked at me like I was a crazy person.  After more asking I was told that we would be charged an extra $200.  It also took some direct asking to see if I could just pay off the $6 per month in one go.  Their whole draw is that you don't have to pay any money at the moment when you get the phone in your hand and that you only pay a little at a time.  Since it is my phone I would rather be able to pay for it and not have Bill pay for it.  Though if he really wanted to get me a phone I wouldn't say 'no,' I just don't want to trick him into it.
  It took about five minutes of asking how much it would be to just buy a phone.  Turns out if I don't use their magically loyalty deal I would have to pay full retail price.  That means over $650 for a phone.  No thanks.  Bill asked if there were any less expensive phones.  I said that unless I went back to the flip phone style, there was not.  They didn't even have older models for me to choose from.  It has been decided that we will phone hunt at some point this weekend.
  Also, if all else fails, Bill has an old phone with a cracked screen that he says I can use.  I am going to get a quote from the battery place on how much replacing the screen would be.  I like having all the information on all of my options.

  Crafting stuff has not been going much better.  On Sunday evening I started three projects.  All three needed bigger needles than I was using, but I only had the needles I needed for one of them.  I got most of it done and worried that I was going to run out of yarn.  I started decreasing before I was totally sure that the hat was long enough.
  I finished it and found out I had enough for at least two more pattern repeats.  Though I was tempted to pull all the decreases out last night, I was also kind of fed-up with trying to take out double decreases.  I asked Bill his opinion and he told me to try it on.  Then he laughed because I had knitting needles on my head.  Of course I had to wiggle my head and make them clink together.
  I also didn't do that math on the hat correctly from the beginning, so I think I will just finish the hat off and call it good enough.  I haven't totally finished it because I want to get more opinions, but it is dark out so I cannot take any good pictures right now.
  While that sits in time out I have started a project that makes me feel like a kid again, but not for the best reasons.  I am using US size 50s.  It makes me feel like I don't really know how knitting works and it is just super awkward.  I am going to push through if it works out.  If it does not, then it will go in the pile of yarn that I don't own the right sized needles for.

Day before's count: 1,680
Yesterday's count: 1,428
Today's count: 150
Monthly count: 29,204
Finished objects: 2

Sunday, January 18, 2015

No steel pulling for me.

 I woke-up this morning and feel a lot more like myself again.  I think it is funny that the day I come out of my funk is on a day that is really cold and overcast.

  My local gun club is working on making a new range.  My dad is one of the big players in making all this happen.  Bill told me last night that they were planning on doing some "steel pulling" this morning and that we should go help out.  I grumpily agreed since it meant that I would have to get up early (for me) and I got home so late.  Well, when the time to get up rolled around my furry alarm tried to get me up, but my person alarm didn't.  Mr. Jag was extra lovey on my head for some reason, but settled back down when Bill got up.
  Later I asked about this and it turns out they didn't do it.  I was worried that I ruined Bill's plans for the day.  Looks like my plans were a go though.  Crochet and Netflix.  One of the reasons I have been focusing on this one project is that I am getting a bit bored of it.  Since I know how I am, I know if I put it down now, it might never get finished.  It will get to hang out with my Accidental Slytherin scarf in the kitchen.
  I also have a few chunky knit projects queued up to keep the fire under my heels.  I have been wanting to do some chunky things, but lacked the yarn up until recently.  A bunch of chunky yarn was put into the damaged area at work.  The only thing wrong with them was that they were naked.  The lack of band had caused some to come pretty unwound and I had a feeling people wouldn't want to buy them if they looked like they had been tampered with.  I got my manager to sell them to me at a damaged price.
  I know, I totally am lacking in yarn and need more.  Though in my defense, I do not have a lot of chunky yarn.  Now I temporarily will.  Though I don't think I have the right sized needles.  I will have to go digging for those.

 Bill and I went out to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  I love all the bubbly art all around the place.  There is also a You Are Here sign made with train tracks with some trains on them.
  I really liked the food, but Bill was not as impressed.  He thought they rolled the crust out too thinly under the main body of the pizza.  I thought it was just right.

  I also got the scarf finished, but I am going to wait for daylight before I get a picture.  I tried to start a few projects.  They both needed bigger needles than I tried to use.  One I have the larger needles for, the other I'm not as sure.  I usually don't like knitting with bigger yarn so I didn't really look for larger needles.  This seems to be coming back to haunt me.

Today's count: 3,332
Monthly count: 25,946
Finished objects: 2

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sad days are hopefully over.

  I'm not sure why, but for most of the past week I have been feeling down.  I would usually like to think that I can pull myself out of these little funks, but nothing that normally works has.  I did pretty make-up, I crafted on fun things, I hung out with friends for a bit, but nothing sunk in for more than a short bit.
  Earlier today I volunteered to stay late at work.  No idea why when all I wanted to do was go home and crochet while watching sitcoms on Netflix.  Okay, I do know why.  Saturday's are always crazy busy and crazy understaffed.  Since I stayed later than my 4-9pm shift I got a meal break.  I got one of the quinoa broth bowls from Panera.  I think I was missing food that was both good tasting and good for me.  Once I finished that I felt a lot more positive.

  These might look like regular Mylar balloons, but they are not.  My boss wanted balloons for the class open house that happened on the first weekend of the month.  I got to be the "lucky" person and do all the leg work.  I found balloons, got pricing, and then later bought them, and got them inflated on that day.  She wanted us to pop them at the end of the event and throw them away.  I got paid for them, but I felt my time was worth more than just popping perfectly good balloons.  I took them home with me.
  The latex ones lasted about 28 hours before they started falling.  These have been up for 2 weeks now!  I am impressed.  The sign at the balloon place said they would last between 2-3 days.
  Every time I walk by them I give their ribbons I kind of high-five.  I think they are trying to keep my spirits lifted.  Totally sappy, I know.

  I know, I know.  Still no picture of this scarf I have gotten so far on.  Though one thing I really like about it is that since the stitch count doesn't change I can add up the numbers a lot easier.  Instead of having to stop and keep a list I simply have to take the number of stitches and multiply it by the number of rows.  This is making things go a bit faster.
  I've also noticed I tend to be posting every other day.  I didn't plan on this, but it seems to be working.

Yesterday's count: 810
Today's count: 1,620
Monthly count: 22,614
Finished objects: 1

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bad days and people not showing up.

  Yesterday I woke-up super grumpy.  All I could think about were things I didn't like.  One of them was that when we got the water pipe that lead from the house to the street they had to dig up some of our bushes.  They put them nicely to the side, but something weird about their company is that they can not put them back in the ground for us.  Bill waited so long that one is half dead and he put them back in at funny angles and not very even compared to the others.
  To counter all this frustration about stuff I decided to do my eye makeup nice and bright and happy.  I had two colors of green on my eyes since forest green and white are my company's colors.  I also tried out my new eyelash curler for the first time.  I don't think I did too badly on it.  I wish I could show off, but I can't see to get good pictures of my eye makeup.

  Today was pretty lame in stitch count.  I have been trying to stream online games once a week, so I did that earlier today.  Then there was the "first part" of the crochet class I was supposed to teach today.  The person who was supposed to come today did not show up.  Though one other person was signed up for the class today, she was not able to make it, so hopefully she will show-up.  I was able to get some productive stuff done today though.  I found a phone number that had been lost and also called another teacher since her class on Monday has people in it.
  I probably should have brought my scarf to work on, but I was hoping to work on the cowl for the class.  It is super easy.  It is just a bunch of double crochets, but the point of the class is to learn how to read patterns.  I might make one or two of the classic chunky cowl on my own.  I need to dig around to see if I have the right size hook.

Yesterday's count: 1,920
Today's count: 0
Monthly count: 20,184
Finished objects: 1

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthday week?

  In my family we tend to not just have a birthday celebration on only one day, but spread it over a few.  I told the story of the celebration of Bill's birthday on the day before.  On his birthday he took the day off.  I had to go to work.
  After I was done with work I had to buy a few things to make for his dinner.  I got him some cheese filed pretzel bites as an appetizer.  For dinner I made him some hot Italian sausages and garlic sauteed broccolini.  We also had a bunch of champagne.  Between the two of us we went through about 2 bottles.  You can probably tell there was not much crafting going on at that point.

  Today I had the day off so I got more stuff done.  Both in crafting and with house things.  I got the stuff to make a rice dish based on a kale and potato soup I saw on the Cooking Channel the other day.  It turned out good enough, but I think I know a few tweeks to make it even better.

  Today I also finished the blanket (for the most part).  The ends are woven in and everything, but it has not been blocked yet.  I thought the various skeins of yarn would all finish on different sides, but the white and one green finished only a few stitches away from each other.  Goes to show you that not all skeins are as equal as they tell you.

  When I was at work on Monday I tried to get a picture of the scarf I mentioned before.  I'm not sure where Dawn put it, but I could not find it.  I have started my own in manly variegated yarn.  The pattern suggests it, but I think I like it a little bit better on a more solid yarn.  Like with most variegated yarns, any complicated pattern becomes a little lost.  I also made this one a bit wider than the pattern tells you to.  I think it will cover a more manly neck that way.

  I didn't mention this before, but I have a New Year's resolution this year.  One year I had the resolution to say 'yes' to more things.  That was fun since I went out with friends more and such.  This year I said that I would try and do something nice for myself everyday.  I don't mean that it always has to be something big, you do not need to fear for my wallet any more than you already do.  For a few days I have been doing the Dove 7 Day Challenge.  I have also taken the time one day to put on some make-up so I feel super fancy that day.
  I know they are just little things and some of them are things people already do everyday.  I suggest to anyone to try this out.  Make something yummy for dinner, or wear a very special perfume.  Even little things everyday can make you feel more special.

Yesterday's count: 892
Today's count: 1,270
Monthly count: 18,264
Finished objects: 1

Sunday, January 11, 2015

An early birthday celebration!

I had some awesome luck when it came to when I worked on Saturday.  The last beer tasting that I was invited to was canceled because the baby-in-making decided to make some fuss.  The baby-in-making is still out, but this time I wasn't working while it was happening.  It is held by one of Bill's co-workers and he serves the beer that he brews.  I made some cheesey and salty snacks and they went over pretty well.
The best part of the night was getting to play some of the games that another co-worker brought.  There was one that was a mix between telephone and pictionary.  You get a word and had to draw your word.  Then the next person guesses your word based on the picture.  The person after them draws a picture based on the word they wrote.  It goes along like that until the 8 pages are filled.  Some went along fine and others quickly veered off track.  It was great.

Today we took Bill out to his pre-birthday lunch.  We went to Dog Fish head.  We used to go at least once a week when his apartment was in the area.  You could look out his window and see the place.  It is really funny when the people who work there just bring out your usual appetizer before you even ask.  It has been too long since that was a normal and now we don't recognize anyone there.

The rest of the day I spent working on the ever growing hexagonal blanket.  I had been going back and forth if I really wanted to use all of the skeins in it, or stop early.  I thought I saw an end so I figured it would keep going.  Turns out it was just the yarn tying itself into really awesome knots.  Thought I was not as close to the end as I thought, I think I should be finishing with it soon.

Yesterday's count: 779
Today's count: 3,202
Monthly count: 16,102
Finished objects: 0

Friday, January 9, 2015

Well, that happened...

  I had an interesting disagreement with someone while I was at work.  She called the store and wanted to know if we had the Lion Brand Chenille yarn.  I was in the back but I told someone on the radio that we don't have the Lion Brand one, but that we do have chenille style yarn.
  This lady comes in and talks with the person she talked to on the phone.  My co-worker shows her where the yarn is, but I hear over the radio that they can no find it.  I head onto the floor to go help.  I show her the chenille style yarns we have.  She tells me that those are not chenille yarns and that she is looking for the Lion Brand chenille yarn.  I tell her that I mentioned on the radio to pass on to her that we did not have the Lion Brand but that we have chenille style yarn.  She asks to see those.  I tell her that I have already shown them to her.
  She keeps insisting that what I showed her, Bernat Blanket and Bernat Baby Blanket, were not chenille yarns.  Chenille yarns are big, puffy, and soft; and the yarn I showed her was not as soft.  I again said that those are chenille style yarns and while they might not be what she wanted, they were still chenille yarn.  She kept giving me a look like I was a dumb person and didn't know what I was talking about and that we didn't carry any chenille yarn.  As I gave-up on getting her to see the difference one of her fellow shoppers pointed out that the yarns I had shown her were indeed chenille style yarn.  She gave this other lady 'the look' and walked out of the store.
  I thanked the random lady for backing me up.  I don't know her, she didn't have to do that.  I also didn't pull out the fact that I have been knitting for over 20 years.  It is true, when I was 10 I didn't really care what kind of yarn I was using, but it sounds impressive.  I also didn't point out that pipe cleaners are also referred to as chenille stems because of the processed used to make them.
  I do hope she found the yarn she wanted, but I guess she didn't want to learn something new that day.  This goes along the same lines of when I got 'the look' from someone who was insisting that someone cannot work on a project unless you have yarn from the same dye lot.  The yarn she was looking for was a white background with pink, blue, and green dots of color.  She didn't like my idea where I told her to do one row stripes between the two for a few rows to cover any differences there might be.

  A friend of the family has been trying to clear out some of her extra crafting supplies.  It has mostly been fabric.  I got some and also got some fabric for a friend who wants to be a fashion designer.  As we were going through bins of fabric and notions we saw some oddly shaped crochet things.  This was one of the larger ones.  My mom mentioned about Knitters and Crocheters Care.  She said she just sits and crochets at night and that none of the pieces were really things.  She is thinking of finishing more of the random stripes so she could donate them too.

  Before my phone battery freaked out I sent Bill the picture I posted the other day of the snow.  He was worried it would be all gone by the time he got back.  He came home early and got home around 3am this morning.  Around 7am when he left for work I told him that I made sure to keep the snow around just for him.  I am glad he got to see it.  The last time it snowed this winter he was also out of town and it had melted by the time he got back.  Being from Ohio, he loves seeing the snow and having it be cold out.
  Though the sounds of the snow melting off my roof has me paranoid that someone is trying to break into my house.  I keep having to cautiously peer out of windows.

Today's count: 3,624
Monthly count: 12,121
Finished objects: 0

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't you have some stitching to catch-up on?

I have a feeling this post might be a bit long winded.  I know the point of this month is to make a lot of stitches and not a lot of words, but I seem to get confused on things like that.

 Yesterday was the White Elephant swap at knit-night.  In past years people are nice for the first chunk of gift seekers, but once one steal happens all bets are off.  This year most of the people were pretty happy with what they opened.  There were only 3 or 4 stealing starters.  Only one item was stolen so many times it got taken out of rotation.  It was a project bag with a sheep quilt on the front.  This was because the bar was set so high.  It seems everyone wanted to be that person who had that gift that people were fighting over.
I got the triangle bag pictured above with red yarn ball earrings made by Fine Enamels.  I kept willing the people who looked at it to keep moving.

I was hoping mine would be fought over, but the perfect person opened it.  I had the bud vases pictured above and a pair of crochet snowflake earrings.  The person who got it was the only person who had snowflakes on her cloths that day and she later told me that the pattern on the vases was exactly what she was looking for when she got china for her house.  We joked that she could just bring one of these in and say "I want this!"

I have been watching some odd (for me) programs on TV lately.  I have really been getting into My 600-lb Life.  I'm not sure why I watched the first episode, but I am kind of hooked.  I love seeing how happy they are after they lose all that weight.
I have also been watching Dance Moms randomly.  I like watching the end dance routines.  I could live without all the drama.  It makes me want to take some fitness dance classes.   When I took dance class in college I got grouped in with the dance majors when we performed the routine for our final.

I found out what was wrong with my phone and now I have to figure out what to do.  Turns out my battery failed.  This means that my phone should be working again if I just get a new battery for it.  Though, until the 15th, there is an upgrade credit and I can get $15 off from the monthly cost of a phone for the 2 years it would take to pay for the new phone.  I will have to check with The Hubby once he comes back from a work trip this weekend.

For some reason I really want to share the dream I had last night.  I was learning how to make this really cool mixed drink.  To make it you take a live turtle and add it to the pitcher.  Then you add fruit juices, ice, and the alcohol.  I put the turtle in and the ice and fruit juices.  No one was telling me what alcohol to put in even though I kept asking people.  The turtle hadn't swum to the top of the liquid so I was worried that he was getting hurt by the ice.  So I fished the turtle out and he was really cold.  As I held him to help the turtle thaw out I decided that I wanted to keep the turtle as a pet. 
The turtle didn't like this idea and kept trying to escape from me.  I then tried to figure out something to use as a harness to keep the turtle on a leash.
I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Yesterday's count: 534
Today's count: 1,010
Monthly count: 8,497
Finished objects: 0

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

That white stuff is back.

 They reported that 1"-2" was supposed to fall from the sky.  It was a lot closer to 4".  I've not been able to spot the guy who sometimes hangs out by the library near me, but I hope he is okay and that my mitts are helping to keep his hands warmer.

 I was going to show off the sample I made for a class at work because it is very pretty, but I ran into a snag.  On my way to work my phone was charging on my car charger.  I then worked on the sample for a while and wanted to take a picture of it.  I also wanted to get a second opinion on what colors I should use for a knotted bracelet very similar to this one, though the one I was making used the loop at the beginning and a button to close it up.  I noticed that my phone had turned off, so I was confused how the battery had drained so fast, but I figured I would just plug it in and charge it.  I pulled it into an outlet and it flashed on the little battery picture.  Though instead of the light coming on and the little batter icon slowly filling, it looked like it was going to try and turn on.  It was on the "Samsung Galaxy SII" for a few minutes.  The little charging light still did not come on.  I let it sit to let it charge.
 After a while I tried turning it on and it just kept getting stuck on the same screen.  Pulling the battery out didn't work either.  I also looked up some things online and nothing I found there worked either.  I will be taking it to Sprint and seeing what they tell me.
 I will have to try and go back and get a picture of the scarf once I get this all figured out.  It is this Red Heart pattern, but I was making mine out of the same green that I am using for the hexagon blanket.

Yesterday's count: 473
Today's count: 1,431
Monthly count: 6,953
Finished objects: 0

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Trusting in the process...

Like my other blanket idea, I am just going to run with it.  I was not really feeling it when it was a very sharp hexagon, but now that it is developing that subtle shape I am liking it more and more.  Now I just have to hope that it keeps doing that and doesn't get too crazy.
I feel like if I wanted it to stay in a more rigid hexagon shape I would have to alternate the white rows to having the double increase every other row.
I was worrying a bit about having too much yarn, but it grows so quickly at the beginning because the rows are so short.  I keep having to remind myself that the rows are getting longer and will be using more yarn.

I've noticed that I have been getting larger stitch numbers done since I have not had to take the time to switch between the three yarns as much.  It makes me feel like I might not have to lower the end goal as much to make it more do-able.

Yesterday's count: 1,253
Today's count: 2,273
Monthly count: 5,049
Finished objects: 0

Friday, January 2, 2015

I think I got this now!

I have started the crochet project yet again.  I think I have the perfect balance now.  The single increase in each corner was only a tiny bit too small.  I didn't want to just add a chain between the two because then that meant I would have to pay more attention when I got to that spot and not add some more along the straight away.  What I'm doing now will also make it easier to write-up if I think other people might want a pattern.
Sorry for no pictures, Mr. Jag is currently trying to warm it up.

I also took some time off from that and worked out how to make a base snowflake pattern more my own.  This way I can make some super cute earrings for winter.  I am thinking of making a pair for the holiday swap at my Wed knit-night this week.  I'm hoping mine gets fought over, that is always a fun feeling.

Today's count: 1,057
Monthly count: 1,523
Finished objects: 0

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Crochet is hard to figure out!

Here is something that sort of resembles a preview of what I am working on.  I have started this three times and I think I will finally have an answer on how to work this thing.  My problem is that I am working an elongated single crochet so it is a really odd size.  The increase rate for a single crochet does not work, and neither does the rate of increase for a double crochet.  I think I am going to alternate between the two.  One row of sc increases and one row of dc increases.  Fingers crossed that this will work.  If it doesn't, I'm changing stitch heights.

So this 50,000 stitches in one month might have been a bad idea. 5,000 stitches might have been a slightly better plan.  For the final stitch count for the month, I might play that by ear.  That way I might be able to gauge a better number to reach next year.

Today's count: 466
Monthly count: 466
Finished objects: 0