Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One Big Hop and Then Back Again.

  Everything happened so fast I didn't get to tell you all about it!

  First I was on a plane headed out to LA.  Bill was on another plane headed my way, but his was supposed to get in 1.5 hours after mine.  Mine had a strong tail wind and got in 53 mins early.  I was going to try and wait for him before I got dinner, but I was way too hungry.  I figured this out on the wrong side of the security check.
  A lot of walking later and I found out that International departure has a coffee shop and terminal 6 arrival also has one.  So I walked 2/3 of the outside of the airport and back since Bill's luggage was going to be at the same place mine had come in.

  The next morning we hoped into the car to drive 4 hours to a wedding.  On the way I got to see a ton of palm trees and I got to try In-N-Out for the first time.  I love it!
  You might have thought that with a 4 hour trip I would have had time to get more crochet done, but the area was just so pretty that I couldn't stop looking at it.

  The wedding was amazing and they kissed at sunset.  Her dress was so pretty!  This was at the second location that had some food and plenty of desserts.

  The next morning a few of us met for a wine tasting and then we headed to lunch.  Lunch was good and we all took over one room of the small tavern.
  Then some of us went to go taste some beer while the others went to go spend the day doing whatever fancied them.  It got to be pretty late by the time we headed back to where we started from and Bill's brother was flying in, so we didn't have a lot of extra time in the day.  His flight ended up being delayed by 2 hours, so I went to bed while Bill stayed up.

  On Saturday there was a memorial for Bill's Grandpa.  He was the one I knit a scarf for not too long ago.  It was very nice, though it was in a part of the military cemetery that they had not finished yet, so he still only had the temporary marker and no grass had been laid down yet.
  There were a lot of wonderful stories and a lot of tears before we all piled back in cars and headed to get some food after and to look at some pictures and other things he had left behind that were pretty awesome.
  Later that night the boys went off to the bachelor party.  No, not for someone else, the same guy who's wedding we went to on Thursday.  They went to a nice dinner, did an escape room, and then played some board games.

  They had so much fun that Bill didn't get brought to the hotel that night.  I had driven myself and his brother back to the hotel, so I didn't mind.  They were having too much fun doing guy things.  His brother also had an early flight out in the morning.
  The next morning around 1:40am (also when I was told that Bill was going to stay the night) I felt really sick.  I slept and sweated and worried that I would be no fun on Sunday.  I got up enough to help Bill's brother to the hotel shuttle that was complimentary.  I was back in bed some more.
  Bill didn't get dropped off until about 11am or so.  I thought one of his cheeks looked puffy, but I thought maybe it was an odd angle or that maybe he had slept on it funny.  Later he told me that he thought he might have fractured a tooth.
  After he slept for a few hours I convinced him that even though we were leaving the next day, we should probably have someone look at it so we might be able to help it not get worse.  He also couldn't open his mouth fully.  The doctor at the Urgent Care we found said that it looked like about a third of his tooth was missing.
  I got to take my first Uber to the wedding reception that happened later that day.  The doctor told Bill that he shouldn't drive after he got some strong pain meds, and I didn't want to have to worry if I had a bit too much to drink.  Turns out that was an awesome idea.  There was also a music festival going on right next to the museum we were headed to.

  These little guys were Fruitadens and they were my favorite.  I want one as a pet that I can carry around like some people carry around small dogs.
  This get together was the big one.  There were supposed to be over 200 people there.  The food was good, the drinks were fancy, and there was some great dancing.

This morning the whole airport thing was super crazy.  Our terminal was having construction, so after we were checked in and gave them our checked luggage we got to wait in line and then walk over to another terminal.  This took a lot longer than we thought and I didn't get to try the food place I was hoping for.

  I was able to find this bLAt (get it? We're in LA!) that was really good.  It had avocado and garlic aioli on it as well as what you would normally expect.  The flight had the kind of seats with the TVs in the back, so I didn't get a lot of crochet done there either.  The guy next to me did work for Panasonic (the ones who make those) before transferring to United.  He got called on to help fix one of them a few isles up.

  Tank is glad that we are back and I think it is time for bed!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello, I remember you!

  I was trying to catch up reading The Yarn Harlot's blog when I thought to myself "Maybe I should update my own blog!"
  There have been many things working against me getting anything done to show off here.  Working two jobs is high on that list because both become busy at the same time.  The craft store becomes crazy because first you have Halloween, then Thanksgiving, followed by many winter holidays.  My other job gets busy because we have to put together all the packets for the members and also process renewals.  I thought it would be wise to pull back on one of them.
  Another problem I have is that I have two scarves on the needles now.  They take a while to get anywhere with since one has a lot of short rows, and the other is double-knit color work.  For some reason I have been itching to work on a shawl.  I know it would be another large project, but I feel like being able to work on a nice and long row that I can get lost in would be nice.

Since I am just getting past all the fall colors I was going to take a picture of it with some orange and red leaves.  Mother Nature decided to try and start raining whenever I tried to do this, so here it is on a chair.
  As I have been working on it, people have been asking me how long I plan to make it.  I'm not sure.  I do know that it is too short right now since you can't really wrap it around and have much hanging.  I don't know if I will try and use up all of the border color or not.  I figure I will just keep making little triangles and see when it feels right to stop.

For now, however, I am off to go string some beads on some crochet cotton.  I have been invited to a wedding in about a week and I have some presents to make!