Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Like back in the day!

 So many things being interesting in their own ways today.  One of the things is that I've been volun-told to do is to lead a small group of people to make sure that my section of the store is clean and stocked.  I'm not sure where my section is yet, but I know I didn't volunteer for this.
  It is never a good sign when people throw you a party when you go to another job because they are happy you are getting out.  It isn't as bad for everyone, but some of us are very disenchanted.

  I went back to talk to the people about my phone issues.  I went to the battery place and they showed me that it wasn't the battery, it was really my phone being special.  The guy there was super nice and recharged my battery for me.
  At the cell store they tried to do a few things to bring it back to life.  They even pulled all the tricks to get it to restart that involved pushing a bunch of buttons at once.  The guy somehow got it to get to one of the special menus, but not the useful one.
  I was given some options, but they didn't impress me.  Since we have been with the same cell company for a while, both of our numbers are eligible for their new special deal.  The deal is that we would only have to pay $6 per month for the new phone for two years.  Then I would trade in my phone and get the newest model.  I asked her what would happen if I didn't want to trade in my phone after two years.  She looked at me like I was a crazy person.  After more asking I was told that we would be charged an extra $200.  It also took some direct asking to see if I could just pay off the $6 per month in one go.  Their whole draw is that you don't have to pay any money at the moment when you get the phone in your hand and that you only pay a little at a time.  Since it is my phone I would rather be able to pay for it and not have Bill pay for it.  Though if he really wanted to get me a phone I wouldn't say 'no,' I just don't want to trick him into it.
  It took about five minutes of asking how much it would be to just buy a phone.  Turns out if I don't use their magically loyalty deal I would have to pay full retail price.  That means over $650 for a phone.  No thanks.  Bill asked if there were any less expensive phones.  I said that unless I went back to the flip phone style, there was not.  They didn't even have older models for me to choose from.  It has been decided that we will phone hunt at some point this weekend.
  Also, if all else fails, Bill has an old phone with a cracked screen that he says I can use.  I am going to get a quote from the battery place on how much replacing the screen would be.  I like having all the information on all of my options.

  Crafting stuff has not been going much better.  On Sunday evening I started three projects.  All three needed bigger needles than I was using, but I only had the needles I needed for one of them.  I got most of it done and worried that I was going to run out of yarn.  I started decreasing before I was totally sure that the hat was long enough.
  I finished it and found out I had enough for at least two more pattern repeats.  Though I was tempted to pull all the decreases out last night, I was also kind of fed-up with trying to take out double decreases.  I asked Bill his opinion and he told me to try it on.  Then he laughed because I had knitting needles on my head.  Of course I had to wiggle my head and make them clink together.
  I also didn't do that math on the hat correctly from the beginning, so I think I will just finish the hat off and call it good enough.  I haven't totally finished it because I want to get more opinions, but it is dark out so I cannot take any good pictures right now.
  While that sits in time out I have started a project that makes me feel like a kid again, but not for the best reasons.  I am using US size 50s.  It makes me feel like I don't really know how knitting works and it is just super awkward.  I am going to push through if it works out.  If it does not, then it will go in the pile of yarn that I don't own the right sized needles for.

Day before's count: 1,680
Yesterday's count: 1,428
Today's count: 150
Monthly count: 29,204
Finished objects: 2

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