Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last knit thing for a bit...

I finished the test knit for the most part.  I finished all the knitting and all the fun stuff.  I'm just missing some buttons and I will be done with it!  I changed the pattern on the sleeves a little bit to make it match the "design feature" of the body.

She offers a ton of sizes for this pattern and two variations.  I told her to charge more than she decided on in the end, but as long as she is happy with the amount, that is all that matters.  I knit the biggest size and it knitted-up very quickly.  I think I will be using the pattern again once I start adding knitting projects.

I think I need to give more love to crochet and sewing for a bit.  I have enough fabric I got for projects that I should use some before it starts to smother me at night.  Also, since I have been crocheting, I'm remembering how much I love doing it.

Here's to more variety of crafts! Cheers!