Thursday, January 1, 2015

Crochet is hard to figure out!

Here is something that sort of resembles a preview of what I am working on.  I have started this three times and I think I will finally have an answer on how to work this thing.  My problem is that I am working an elongated single crochet so it is a really odd size.  The increase rate for a single crochet does not work, and neither does the rate of increase for a double crochet.  I think I am going to alternate between the two.  One row of sc increases and one row of dc increases.  Fingers crossed that this will work.  If it doesn't, I'm changing stitch heights.

So this 50,000 stitches in one month might have been a bad idea. 5,000 stitches might have been a slightly better plan.  For the final stitch count for the month, I might play that by ear.  That way I might be able to gauge a better number to reach next year.

Today's count: 466
Monthly count: 466
Finished objects: 0

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