Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bad days and people not showing up.

  Yesterday I woke-up super grumpy.  All I could think about were things I didn't like.  One of them was that when we got the water pipe that lead from the house to the street they had to dig up some of our bushes.  They put them nicely to the side, but something weird about their company is that they can not put them back in the ground for us.  Bill waited so long that one is half dead and he put them back in at funny angles and not very even compared to the others.
  To counter all this frustration about stuff I decided to do my eye makeup nice and bright and happy.  I had two colors of green on my eyes since forest green and white are my company's colors.  I also tried out my new eyelash curler for the first time.  I don't think I did too badly on it.  I wish I could show off, but I can't see to get good pictures of my eye makeup.

  Today was pretty lame in stitch count.  I have been trying to stream online games once a week, so I did that earlier today.  Then there was the "first part" of the crochet class I was supposed to teach today.  The person who was supposed to come today did not show up.  Though one other person was signed up for the class today, she was not able to make it, so hopefully she will show-up.  I was able to get some productive stuff done today though.  I found a phone number that had been lost and also called another teacher since her class on Monday has people in it.
  I probably should have brought my scarf to work on, but I was hoping to work on the cowl for the class.  It is super easy.  It is just a bunch of double crochets, but the point of the class is to learn how to read patterns.  I might make one or two of the classic chunky cowl on my own.  I need to dig around to see if I have the right size hook.

Yesterday's count: 1,920
Today's count: 0
Monthly count: 20,184
Finished objects: 1

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