Friday, January 2, 2015

I think I got this now!

I have started the crochet project yet again.  I think I have the perfect balance now.  The single increase in each corner was only a tiny bit too small.  I didn't want to just add a chain between the two because then that meant I would have to pay more attention when I got to that spot and not add some more along the straight away.  What I'm doing now will also make it easier to write-up if I think other people might want a pattern.
Sorry for no pictures, Mr. Jag is currently trying to warm it up.

I also took some time off from that and worked out how to make a base snowflake pattern more my own.  This way I can make some super cute earrings for winter.  I am thinking of making a pair for the holiday swap at my Wed knit-night this week.  I'm hoping mine gets fought over, that is always a fun feeling.

Today's count: 1,057
Monthly count: 1,523
Finished objects: 0

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