Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who got to sleep in a castle? This gal!

Maybe we didn't ask for the right kind of sun?
We headed for the castle today!  How is this different than any other castle you may ask? Well, we are staying in this one over night!

I may have to learn how to make this at home.  Currywurst is very good here, though they use a different sauce than I've had before on things currywursts.

We found a castle that is an actual ruined castle!  Holes in the walls and missing bits and everything.
We even found the "secret" tunnels the map told us about.  It was fun to "crawl" around in.  As you can tell from the picture it was very dark in there.  Heather opted to go out the regular cave we came in through before the tunnel.
However it was a lot warmer than I thought it would be and the present chocolates became liquid.  Very lucky for me the store packaged them very, very well.  There was no horrible mess in my backpack.  They got put straight into the mini-fridge once we got our room.  I'm not sure if that was better or letting them slowly cool, but I didn't want to risk the packaging anymore than it had been.
The room had those silly two beds again.  This one even had a wooden divider between the two.

The bathroom is behind a secret door!  Though it is very loud, so not that secret of a secret door.  I want a secret door to something in my house...I wonder how hard it would be to add a secret door to a room in my house.  Bill says no though.

I was told there were going to be sweet breads...I was even curious to try them.  We get here, no sweetbreads.  Oh well, maybe someday in my life.
Most of us got the sparkling elderberry, it was lovely and perfect to toast with.

 Since in my head being a food critic sounds like a lot of fun, I am going to run down the meal and my "super professional" opinion of it all.  This was our bonus dish that the chef sent out.  It tasted a bit like very good roast stew with mashed potatoes.
 I think we were all expecting the big cocktail shrimp...these are the shrimp those would beat-up for their lunch money.  It all tasted quite nice though.  The guacamole was a surprise since it sounded more like slices of avocado, but I like guacamole, so I didn't complain
It was...soup like.  I have had beef consume before.  This was very bland and watery tasting.  The egg custard and mushroom cubes were a bit odd, but not too bad.  I think they would have been better with a stronger soup base.
This is where the sweetbreads were supposed to appear.  In their place was a very good plate of food.  No white asparagus for us though, even though it is the season for them.  The meat was perfectly cooked and the sauce did not overpower the flavor of it.

Yummy, yummy dessert.  I could have lived without the mint chip ice cream.  The odd sour berry that we saw at one of the other places was back.  It turns out that it is from Africa, though our waitress did not know the English name for it.
The leaves were very sweet and good.  Our waitress called them honey crisp.  She was not 100% sure sounding and we did not know any better, so that is what we are going to go with. 

We all went for a walk in the garden after eating.  There were a few tadpoles in the ponds.

We also found a few small buildings with seats and books.  This one was my favorite.  I told Bill that if we ever decided to just live in the woods that I want a house like this.  To get to the porch from the second floor you had to squeeze between branches.

It would have been nice to have another night here to spend lazing about in the garden.  Something to plan for another trip.  Bill and I spent the last bits of our evening drinking apple brandy and smoking cigars.
I also decided that it might be a good thing we are leaving because it seems our key chain is starting to get bigger the longer we are here...

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