Sunday, May 18, 2014

The hills are alive with the sound of moo-moos.

We were told that there was promise of sunshine.  We weren't so sure.  I decided to try some science on the weather.  I brought my BB cream because I don't like how sunscreen feels on my face and it gas an SPF of 15.  I have not worn it yet this trip, so I decided to slap some on and see what happened.
It did not take long to drive to Lake Konigssee.  Some of the road was blocked off, so it was a touch confusing to find parking.  There were also people gathered around the marked off area and a lot of loud engine noises.  It turned out to be some kind of timed obstacle car rally thing.  We just missed the boat that was there when we walked up, so we went back to see the car event some.  It looked like a lot of fun!  I also found out my dad used to participate in those in Okinawa.

There were a small blob of baby ducks near where the boat pulled in to, they all swam away before the boat started again.
At the other end of the line is some trails that lead to souvenirs, food, and then to hiking.

After the place to spend our money we found cows.  The cow really loved Heather and even licked her (we later found out another cow also licked her) so we figure that she must be the cow whisperer.

It wasn't too bad of a hike until we got to these rock "stairs."  That was a bunch of work on the legs.  Once you got around the small pond there was another building.  From there is where you could hike more and see a waterfall.
Heather headed back but I decided to try and be tough and go with the guys.  I made it, and that valley was wonderful.  I was not overly impressed with the waterfalls, but I did love the valley.  They way up took about 45 mins and the way down took about 15.  On our way back the sun even came out!

The car thing was still kind of going on when we got back.  While everyone else was off getting McDonalds drinks, I was back at the car event.  It was the same guy going through over and over, I wish I knew more German and could tell you why this was happening.

The Germans may not know much about Mexican food, they do know their way around a fried chicken.  I do believe this stuff could give any from the States a run for its money.
I'm now off to soak away the hiking aches and listen to the soothing cow bells.

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