Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rain is wet, and snow is cold.

There were a lot of wet and cold events today.  We walked part of the way around Lake Eibsee while it rained, combination wet, then snowed on us.  We were told to take the big cable car, but found out that it was closed for maintenance for a few weeks.
Though the train went through about 20 minutes of tunnel, it was at the end and I think there were some good views.

 True the cable car might have been more impressive, it was often very cloudy, so we might not have been able to see anything anyway.
 The train only took us most of the way up the mountain.  I got to see wooden snowmobile and sled statues.  The beer garden was closed though the video on the way up said it was a nice place to go have a drink.
We did get to ride on the small cable car.  It was strange when it looked like the cable disappeared off to no where.

At the top of Mount Zugspitze I got to see these cool birds.  There was not much else to see while we were up there though lots of signs said that on a clear day you could see for about 150km.

We stopped at Cloister Ettal on the way back for drier cloths (well for me at least, I was the one in sneakers and jeans).  It was very pretty impressive inside and we also got some alcohol.

That would be Linderhof Palace where Ludwig II (Mad King Ludwig) had lived. We got a private tour once it was closed for the day for regular tours. It seems we have come at the time of the year that the Saints of Ice are causing it to be extra cold.

They keep the middle gate locked because that is the one only he uses, so if he happened to stop by, they would open it again.  I learned that red marble is a must for the first floor, but then you can do what you want on the others.  He also was a big fan of peacocks.  I also like a lot of things he did with the place.  The rooms went in a loop, so if you wanted to go to room #4 and were in room #6, you had to go through #5.  He also had a dinning room table that raised and lowered so he didn't have to see the servants (he was not a big people person.)  I definitely would not have had as much gold though, but I'm no fun.

This is is the German interpretation of Mexican food.  The sauce tasted more like spaghetti sauce, but it was all good.  The right one was more of a corn and beef while the left was chicken and cheese.  That is also a piece of endive poking out of the rice, not a piece of corn husk. The chicken fajitas Bill got looked a lot more like chicken stew, but he said it tasted good.

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