Friday, May 23, 2014

Home again.

It does feel good to be home again, even if I didn't want to leave.  I know Mr. Jag is glad to have me back.

Some random thoughts and things:
  • I already miss the ability to get currywurst almost everywhere I go. 
  • I will need to bring smaller knitting if I want to have it appear with me as I go places and not just get mentioned at the end of the post. I don't know if it is just me, but this blog's content doesn't seem to be matching it's name right now.
  • There are a lot of things I will need before making a trip like this: hiking boots, keyboard for my tablet, water proof backpack, and comfy rain coat are a few of the things.
  • German road signs are more interesting than ones I've seen in the states.  They also don't always need words to get their point across.
  • Though the math isn't hard, kgs make you feel like you weigh less and kph make you feel like you are going faster.
  • Kinder eggs are super cheap at the grocery store over there, only about 0.99€ for 3 and I can't get them anywhere but the internet at home.  Bill is making fun of me for eating one already...but I wanted to see how it took to being melty...then I had it opened and all so I couldn't let it go to waste or go bad or anything.
  • If you want to read some posts with more historical facts about this trip, check out: The Munchkin's Notebook (heck, even if you don't, go there anyway)

Some fun facts about Kinder Eggs:

Picture borrowed from the internet.
Kinder Surprise
 To me these are a bit more fun, but it is harder to have that fun.  The toy capsule is being held withing a very thin shell of milk and white chocolate.  It is fun to be able to break that open and get to your toy.  The downside is that they are only wrapped in foil so it is easy for the shell to break.

Picture borrowed from the internet.
Kinder Joy
 This was a good way to do this.  It looks like an egg, but it is divided down the center when you open the packaging.  In one half you have a sealed section with your chocolate in it and a tiny plastic spoon thingy to eat it with.  The other half is where the toy is.  This prevents the worry about protecting the delicate chocolate shell, but you still get the fun of the small toy.  I do miss the cute capsules though.

Here is Skywalker.  I got most of that done on the way there.  I had all the harder lace bits, and longer rows for the way back and I only got about another 14 or so rows done.  I had imagined that I was going to be on the edging by the time I got home.  I'm also hoping some lace magic will happen with it because it is coming out smaller than I had thought.  I'm following the pattern and using the right needles for the right yarn.

The baby blanket grew faster than I thought it would.  Some people worry that they will gain the ability to craft at super speeds when away from home and it seems I did that.  I'm also not sure why it is starting to get woobly on the edges when I have been increasing at the same rate the whole time.

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