Saturday, May 10, 2014

One and something days.

I'm not sure what day it is has been over 28 hours since I have been asleep.  I assure you that I will be headed that way before too long.
I felt the plane was smaller than most.  You also ran the risk of impaling the person behind you on their seat tray if you leaned back far enough.  I was told it was roomier than most economy class seats...this does not please me.
Here is the beginning of Skywalker.  Shiny pretty blue fun.

Side note: It seems that the blogger webpage has decided to switch itself over to German...
Well, anyway, after we got off the plane we found the person with our names on a card.  This was fun, I feel like I should have this more often.  We then took a few very nice trains to Baden-Baden where we got our car.  The train platform had a model telling you where your train car was supposed to be, but they didn't work out for us.  We kept getting on at the wrong spot and having to walk down the train a ways with all of our stuff.  The guys were hoping for a Mercedes, I was hoping for a fun VW, but we got a Volvo.
Martin gave us a quick and dizzying quick tour around the area and then left us at the hotel with our car.
Here is a quick picture of our room and of Bill napping.

 This is a quick view out the back.

We wondered around some to get a lay of the land on the walking side of things.  I was starting to wonder if I should have brought a German pattern to work on, but then I saw this store:
I knew I made a fine choice after I saw that.
 Just a quick shot of my first food in Germany, and my first beer there is in the corner.  I got the meatloaf, it was nice.

After a while everyone else went off to go settle in.  I was feeling a bit tired, but also restless since I had been on a plane for so long.  I tried to go Geocaching, but I forgot how hard it is to do that without a working signal.

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