Monday, May 19, 2014

All roads lead to Müchen.

Now begins the more whirlwind part of the trip where we only get one night at each location.
Another sunny day as we left.  On our way to Nuremberg we drove back through Munich.  We are getting a lot better at navigating that area, even with all the construction going on.
We even got to see a whole bunch of hops being grown.

This was lunch.  Felafel from a little stand with a very nice man.  Don't mind the teeth marks, it was really boring looking before I got down to the good stuff.  The guys also got a soda that was a mix between cola and orange soda.  I tried some, it was not bad.

We went another castle!  You would think we were getting tired of castles by now, but they are all so different.

See?  This one had a lot of shiny things in it!  They didn't let us play with any of it though.

We got some ice cream to help keep us going while we wondered around.

Heather and I rubbed the golden ring on this for good luck.

We even found what we believe is the anti-marriage fountain.  It is very interesting.  I still like the silly goat.
Bill and I also fulfilled our mission of getting Germany coffee mugs from the Starbucks.
I do miss the cows already, there are only trains to listen to at this hotel.

This is where Bill and I found dinner, it was called Nassauer Keller.  The others stayed in for the night.  To me it looks like a cave, and as you can see, Bill does not fit in it.  I had their Maibock to drink and some sausages for dinner.  So far the best garlic bread I have had has been while I have been here.
If I lived closer I would go there often.  Our poor waitress was running around and up and down the stairs but was still fun and positive when she talked to anyone.

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