Friday, May 16, 2014

I hear the bells ringing and castles are up.

 It was odd to be up before what I have dubbed "the town's alarm clock" this morning.  Around 6am church bells ring for about two minutes what seems like every morning.  This is only the third morning, but they have rung every time so far.

The tour people said that they were going to try and arrange some kind of breakfast for us with the hotel people, since their breakfast doesn't start until we were supposed to have already been on the road.  We did not get anything.  I remembered the crochet though!

We got there a bit early, and I'm glad we did.  We were told that there were horse-drawn carriage rides up the main part of the mountain...they seem to not run them during the time when you can get a private tour before the castle opens.  We didn't even see one until we stopped for lunch before leaving the area.  The hike was very much tilted in an upward direction.  I am also not a fit person, so I had to stop to catch my breath a few times.

This is what you get to see once you are up there.  Doesn't look overly exciting from the outside but it gets better once you get in.  This castle was never finished since they were working on it when he died, thought it was opened for tours a short six weeks after that.

This guy knew what he was doing.  When he wanted to summon a servant from a room a bell above this would ring and then a token would fall into the slot to let the servant know what room he was in.  He used salt batteries to power it.
He also had a phone.  It let the post office give him a call whenever he had something for him come in.
(On private tours you can take some pictures, but normally there is no photography.  I wanted to post a lot of the pictures I took, but I don't think they would like that.)

We stopped in for a quick bite before we wondered around the surrounding area.

This is Mary’s Bridge, it was a gift to her since it lead to her favorite spot she had when hiking.  Though from looking at the area, and having walked it, I wonder how many servants she had with her on these hikes.  I know I could have used a few to help carry me.
Though the bridge has been replaced, boards shifted up and down way too much for my taste.
As you can tell the view from below was pretty impressive.

 The view from the bridge wasn't too shabby either.

From there was a quick drive to Füssen where we may or may-not have driven on a pedestrian only area.  They had a cute castle there that had a fun space in one of the walls to get in to.
It was then just a "quick" trip through Austria and past Lake Plansee to get back to the hotel.

Since it was our last night in town and I had some extra day-light I went on a small adventure.  A lot of the murals on the buildings depict religious figures, but this building did not.  As you can see, it has the story of Little Red Riding-hood.  I was waiting to cross as two children we waiting on the other side.  One girl and one boy, they looked to be about 7-9.  I looked both ways and crossed before the signal changed (at a light that only turns on when someone hits the crosswalk button) since there was no one coming. When I got to the other side I got a stern finger shake and a reprimand from the boy.  It was quite adorable.
On my adventure I also discovered that a lot of the wooden headstones have roofs because a lot of them had crucifixes on the front.  The roof helped to protect them from the rain.  This is a smart idea.

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