Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Watch guard

It was an easy drive until we got within the walls of the old Rothenberg.  The narrow cobblestone streets weren't the problem, it was the large your group the wouldn't get out of the street that was the problem.
The hotel wasn't too hard to find, it was down a street with solid stores on either side.
Since we were very early we were invited to drink our welcome drinks in the garden while we had some interesting things pointed out to us.

Boom!  Now this was not what I was suspecting.  It is wonderful little surprise.  Prefect for sitting out in, drinking anything, and reading/chatting/reading.

Since had time to kill and taking pictures from high places is fun, we walked up this.  I think I heard there were 200 stairs.  The last ones were really more of a stair shaped ladder.  Note: it isn't the one near the right in the front, it is the one in the back on the left.

I decided that the "potato bags" with herbed cottage cheese sounded awesome.  They were awesome.  I feel like I might need to learn how to make them.

We then swung by the torture museum.  I mostly wanted to see the Cone Mask of Shame.  It turns out there are a few.  It also seems like it was difficult to be a good citizen...in fact you could get in trouble as a baker if you baked your bread too small!!

 Though we knew we were going to be doing the night watchman's tour after dinner we decided to check out the wall beforehand.  You cannot walk around the whole thing though.
We did find these on the section we walked around though.  I'm pretty sure they are toilets.  The guys thought they were most likely death holes, but look at the shape!  It would also make sense that if you were on patrol that you could have a place to stop on the wall instead of having to get off it.
 These are mini Schneeballen.  They are the signature pastry of Rothenberg.  They look like you took the scraps of dough left over from something else and mushed them together.  You can even buy the forms to make them.  The form looks like long bolt cutters with soup ladles on the end.

 Not 100% sure what this is...but the bigger bottle had an interesting picture on it.  We then headed back to the hotel to rest and cool down before dinner.  It sure gets warm when the sun is out, but the garden was nice and cool, and a beer was the perfect drink.

This is the key.  I'm not sure why they felt the need for the paperweight on the end though.
 I wasn't overly hungry after the snacking, so I only got a small dinner.  The restaurant was called "To Hell" and served traditional Franconian food.  I'm not sure that baked potato with herbed sour cream and shrimp would count as this, but it was darn tasty.
 We got to go on the Night-watchman's tour.  It could be a really dull thing, but this guy is good.  He was very funny and corny without being too much.  He sold DVDs at the end, but I did not get one.
It was a short walk back to the hotel.  I found those chocolates with a friendly note.  The chocolates quickly disappeared.
Later in the night we hear the tour happening again, in German this time...it still sounded entertaining.

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