Thursday, May 15, 2014

A'Müchen we will go.

Today was all about Munich. It started with a nice light waffle, some soft cheese and some read that had a lot of sunflower seeds in it and I'm pretty sure it was baked in a can.  After that we left a bit later than our normal time, but with our normal amount of rain.  I forgot that even though we were not taking the scenic route to go and see monks who have been making beer for the last 700 years it was going to take a bit to get there.  I did not bring either the knitting or the crochet, but I will try and remember tomorrow, but no promises since it is going to be a very early start.
We have definitely determined now that when a parking garage says the equivalent of "free parking" that it is saying "available parking".  We wonder around St. Mary's square and went up the tower of the new town hall and took some fun pictures.

We decided that lunch before a four hour tour was a good idea.  The Viktualienmarkt (Victuals Market) has so much there.  There is even a shop where you can get any fish from around the world within 24 hrs.
We though we were stopping in at the beer garden, but at the beer garden you can bring your own food and the there you have to buy food there.  This was because back in the day breweries were convinced to sell their beer there and people found it tasted much better still cold than when they got it home.  I decided to go very German with my lunch, beer and sausage.  I am still amused how beer is cheaper than soda.
The tour was pretty fun. We got to see a lot of things both buildings and general places.  One was the Residenz (Royal Palace) where they had entrierly too many rooms for people.  Though Royalty is used to have a lot of everything.
Another of them was the path people could take if they had not wanted to pass by Hitler's monument to the first 16 men killed at the beginning of his movement.  A bit later bronze was added but they left it raw so as the people walking over them to polish it from grey to then show the path of the Revolutionaries.

There are also these lions along the road.  They say if you rub the nose of all of them it will make you rich.  Hopefully you don't have to renew that often.  Though I guess if I were rich enough I could.

This is one very smart shopping center.  They say they got the idea about making a shopping center it from America.

It is tilted down from the sides of the shopping center to the middle.  This makes it very easy to get in, but more effort to get out.  Though it is pretty subtle and I might not have completely noticed on my own.

This giant church was made in only twenty years.  That is right, twenty.  They say the builder made a deal with the devil to get this done.  The devil wanted there to be no windows, so the architect designed it in a very sneaky way.  If you stand where the devil's foot print is, you can't see any windows (okay, you can see one nowadays, but there used to be a giant alter in the way)

Dinner was very good and I got to have beer out of a barrel.  I'm not 100% sure it was cooled in the olden way (ice melting onto the barrels) but I'm pretty sure it was.

I also feel very European sipping some coffee late in the day.  Bill says I needed to have had some after every meal for it to really count.

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