Monday, May 12, 2014

We go up a mountain now...

Today was fun.  We had hoped that the rain would stay away while we were doing outside activities, and for the most-part, it did.  

Before I get to all the fun though I have to post this machine.
You put a bunch of oranges in the top and when you pressed the button it cut them and squeezed them right there.  All the goodness of freshly squeezed orange juice and only a tiny bit of the effort.

 *Warning: Many oranges were harmed in the making of this video!*

We did some driving on the Autobahn and ended up at a castle.  Okay, we ended up at a cable-car area that took up to the castle.  This one did not have a ton to do outside and a lot of the rooms they were restoring were off-limits.
I did get to see a wine cask that they still have some wine left from.  Also while roaming around we ran into someone who had gone to Kent University and he said 'Hi' since I was wearing my Akron hoodie.

 I really liked seeing all the areas where they help herbs and flowers and such to make medicine.  There was even an area where kids would go.

 This was the first Currywurst I tried.  It did have a lot of curry powder on it and while it did not taste like I would normally expect curry to taste like, it was very good.  The little stick thing was a tiny fork like object.

This is one "cable car" (the cable came out of the bottom and connected to the other car so they used weight to bring them up and down) that took us up the mountain some more.
 The second leg was to go to the top of the mountain.  It was mostly only hiking up there and cold winds. Right as we got back under cover it started to hail.
The best part of the day came after that.  Heather and I went and got some spa fun.  Since it isn't everyday we have access to it, we went for the more Roman one where you got to wear your birthday suit for the whole thing.  It starts out warm and then goes to really hot, then cools you back down.  We skipped the really cold bath that was only 18°C. We both got half a foot in and decided it wasn't for us.  We did not go on a couples day, so almost all of it was separate.  I really liked the soap and brush massage and their lotion smells really nice.  I'm tempted to get some for myself. I also liked the room where they wrapped you in a blanket like towel and then a fluffy blanket on top of a warm bed, we are calling it the burrito room.  No cameras were allowed or I might have been able to show the Roman-esque tile and statues they had.
They say you don't notice the nakedness, but it is more of a case that you don't feel like you should care since you are naked too.  We also went on a slow day, so there weren't that many other people there.

I'm putting this here because I'm hoping someone will come to my house and make it for me, it was very good, especially with a Merlot.

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