Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some more driving...

 This is my favorite bread.  I asked the lady at the hotel what it is called, she said it was called "volkornbrot" but the way she talked about it made it sound more like a bread style than that exact one.

 We left Baden-Baden to go to Oberammergau and see the Black Forest along the way.  It was very foggy, so there was not a lot of seeing.  I think it would be fun to come back at some point and hike around when we can see more than 15 ft in front of our noses.

 We did stop and get a few things while we were there though.  Once you stepped in the shop you were wrapped in the smell of smoked meat.  You can see the smoker that was right next to the shop.

Lunch was at a little place that was recommended on the way.  This is where I really learned that Fanta elsewhere really is different than Fanta in the states.  I like it a lot better here.

The GPS said it was going to take a little under four hours to get there.  I don't think it knows what those words mean.  It was a lot closer to five and a half, and it wasn't like we were driving slowly or anything.

Though it was recommended for the next night, we ate at the restaurant at the hotel.  I know I was sick of sitting in the car, so I did not mind.
The pork-chops were very good, but it was a lot of food.  I also wanted to save room for dessert.

This is what we got.  It is pretty much deconstructed Black Forest cake.  I really wanted to stop while I knew we were still in the Black Forest and have their cake, but I had to wait because we missed the spot that was recommended.  Though since the Black Forest is a very big place, we might have technically still been in it?  I'm not sure and we were all too tired to look at a map to figure it out.
We can also pretend that the cake is to celebrate something blog-wise.  This is the 100th post everyone!

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