Friday, November 14, 2014

Two things on the house list, done!

Taadaa!  They did not add the little square border around the top, but I think I like it a little more plain.  There are those little edgings all over the rest of the house.  I will need to add a flag holder back again, but I don't think that sound too hard.

I had been hoping to get the fingerless mitts I had started done today.  That was not the case though.  The hubby called on his way home from work and mentioned going to Total Wine and Beverage, or as we call it The Beer Store.  Since I had been wanting to get more of one of the few fall ones I had tried I said that sounded fun.  After spending way too much money we went home and played video games together while we ate dinner.  We have a set of characters in Tera we are leveling together.  I know, we are adorable.  This lead to not a lot of knitting once he got home though.  I did get the first one entirely done, ends woven in and everything, and right now I am a few rows past where I rejoined after the thumb gusset.  It won't be too long before I'm done.

I was beginning to worry about my computer, but I feel a lot better now.  I have been saving videos or the video game streaming I have been doing, but I never felt like I was getting anywhere.  I also uninstalled a lot of games in hopes of freeing up some storage space.  I didn't seem to be making any headway even though I was moving files into external storage so I should have been freeing up a lot of space.  Then it got me thinking.  When Movie Maker finished processing a file it seemed like I had less storage space to work with.  I would have assumed that once I transferred or deleted the files that any temporary file it made would be erased.  Seems they were not.  I went in a deleted them myself and freed up 417 gigs worth of space.  It took me long enough to figure that out.
Although speaking of odd things about computers.  It seems like whenever mine come out of sleep mode my hubby's computer feels the need to make thinking noises too.  Right now I'm checking to see if I need to defragment my computer and his is making some serious thinking sounds.  In case you are wondering, my tower is to the right of me and his is to the left, so I would not be able to get the source of the sounds confused.

Sorry for the lack of interesting words.  We usually don't get a ton of time to spend together, so when the hubby suggests something fun, I go do it.  Better than some of my other busy days though, haha.

Today's count: 479
Monthly count: 21,236
Prompts used: 15
Pictures posted: 2 (counting only finished objects)

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