Sunday, November 16, 2014

Titles are made of words.

Sorry for the less than awesome webcam pic, I didn't want to give away too much.
So as I was fearing, the owl is lower on the hand compared to where I was hoping it would be.  Now I know to start the increases when I start on the branch.  So I have another thumb gusset that I'm not totally happy about.  I will need to find my copy of Brave New Knits and check out the one used on Foxgloves.  It is probably an increase that is every other row.  Maybe every third row will work better?  Since I am making them in the round I do not have to worry about the increases happening on a right side row.  There is also the option to increase a lot at first and then tapper back closer to the top.
I am really liking how the 2x2 ribbing is working out though.  It makes it a lot easier to fit a few different sizes hands.  It will be able to fit me and also fit someone with larger hands.  I'm also thinking of doing a 1x1 rib along the thumb.  Hopefully that will pull it in some and give it more versatility than stockinette.  It will also make it more interesting looking.

The more I look at it, the more I want to fix it.  I'm off to go do that now.
It didn't take me as long as I thought it would be to fix it.  I took it back to the first double increase and started doing an increase row every third row.  Turns out it was pretty perfect.  I am super happy with the thumb gusset now.  It doesn't look like it increases too much.  The owl itself is also in a better position on the hand.
I even have the other mitt all figured out!  I know some people don't worry too much about where the beginning of row is, but I like thinking about that little detail.  It also makes more sense in my head.

The cast on was interesting.  At first it seemed really slow to me and not worth the effort.  I felt like I could have finished casting on with my usual knit cast on by the time I had ten stitches on the needle.  It took me to about half way before I got the hang of it.  It didn't take too long once I got the trick to it.  I just had to adjust the bottom loop out of the way and put my thumb on the yarn over the needle before pulling it tight.  It became easy and proved to be totally worth learning the new skill.  This might just be the new go to cast on when I'm making fingerless mitts.  It has all the stretch you could want without pulling in any like the knitted cast on was doing to me.  Will it replace my beloved knitted cast on for everything?  Probably not since there are some times you want your cast on to have some stability and don't care as much about the elasticity.

It had taken me this long to realize that though I have been coming up with fun titles for all these posts, I have not been counting those words in the post's daily word total.  Since I like having lots of little lines I will start keeping a tally of those as well.
I've also been working on my owl mitt pattern and have been thinking of selling it for one or two dollars.  Since I plan on selling it I can't post it on here, but they are still words I have written.  Though in the end, even if I cheat, the only person 'hurt' is me, so I don't think I am going to stress over it much.  I have too many other words to work on.

You're confined to your bed for three months due to a serious illness.  What do you miss, and what's the first thing you do once they let you outside?
(So I'm not sure if this one means that I could not get-up on my own, or that I just have to stay inside and resting a lot.  I'm going to go with the resting one.)

I would love this at first.  Who wouldn't love some time when all you had to do was to knit, watch movies, and maybe do some reading?  Sounds great to me.  Though after a while it would drive me crazy.  It would drive me crazy sooner if I had to be either laying down or reclined because that means I would not be able to sit at my computer desk.  I would have the option to play some video games but since the consoles are in a hard to reach area, I would probably have to make due with what was already in there.
It would also make me feel super lonely that even if I could not leave my house I wouldn't be able to stream.  I have made a few friends in both directions since I started doing that.  I have some awesome regular viewers and some fellow streamers that are happy to see me in chat.
I would hope that my release day would be on a Monday or Saturday.  Before that day I would try and set-up some hangout time with my friends at either a Korean BBQ or the Korean tofu stew place.  One thing I would not need to do would be to go to the craft store, so I would have lots of time to chat and eat super yummy food.

Before lunch I would play some of my favorite games on the computer and stream it.  I would hope to see some of my regular viewers and get to talk to them.
It depends on the weather what I would do after lunch, but it would be something involving the outdoors.  If the weather is nice and there isn't too much snow around I would probably try and go geocaching.  For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it is a treasure hunting game.  People put various sized containers that have a log to show that you have found it, and if the container is big enough there might be some fun freebies in there.  People usually have some small things to put into the containers.  There are even things called Travel Bugs that have a tracking number so you can see what all it has been.  You don't even have to live in a big city to find geocaches, they can be placed all over the place.  As long as there is someone interested in the area, there are probably some caches.
If it is snowing out I would want to make some snow people and even some snow kitty people.  My mom and I used to make them.  It is a lot like making a regular snow person, but then you add some snow kitty ears and twig whiskers.  Snow angles would also be on the list of things to do.  I would also have to hope that it would snow a little so that I can catch some on my tongue.
Once that is all done I would want to head to knitting.  I would have missed seeing everyone there.  Though I probably would have talked to a few of them on Facebook on my phone, it isn't the same as seeing them in person.

Saturday: preferably the fourth Saturday of the month
Though very similar to the things I would do on Mon, there is a bit of an order change for Saturday.  Lunch would still be the first thing on the list, but I would happen a bit sooner since I would want to be done by 12:30 at the latest.
With a nice and full tummy I would go to the Knitters and Crocheters Care meeting.  It would be great to see all of them.  I would get myself some more yarn, not because I need it but because that's what always happens.  Even when I don't go my mom grabs some for me.  After the meet up and after handing off the giant bags filled with finished objects.
After that I might want to go shopping at the mall.  Definitely a mall with a Target in it.  There is something about Target that I just love.  I think it is because they carry one of my favorite brands of makeup.  Though it seems cheap, e.l.f. is a very good brand.
Since I would have been walking around a lot I would want to take it easy for the evening.  This is where I would log on to my stream and play some games.  I know a few of my usual viewers wouldn't be able to watch, because of the time differences, but I would hope to see some familiar user names.

I know there seems like a lot of sitting in there for my first day on my feet but I was taking a few things into consideration.  If I was unable to sit up for a long period of time it would be nice to be able to.  I might not do the streaming thing if I had been able to do it the whole time.  I might put in swinging at the park instead.
Another thing I might change would be to go to the sushi buffet by the same name as the one the Hubby and I went to when we were in Hawai'i.  Though it was better quality in Hawai'i it is still super good here.  It is also a pretty good price at lunch but a not bad one for dinner.  The whole sushi buffet thing doesn't hurt.  There is also some cooked food for those who don't like raw seafood.

I also threw in nice and easy going things because if this is the first day off of being on bed rest, then you won't really be up for running any marathons or anything like that.  I was also tempted to talk about the "illness" being pregnancy.  I know a few people who consider it that.  Something about going to the hospital and coming home with a tiny and adorable baby.  I know there are a lot of people who would get offended by that, but I find it kind of amusing.  I think I can find the amusement because I know that they are joking and would still congratulate someone they knew if that person was pregnant.

Your first time in a foreign country.
So the first time I was in a far away foreign country was accounted for on here.  However, before Germany I have been to Canada.  It might be attached to the US and not overly different, it still counts as another country.

I don't know if it was the first time I had been to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Canada, but it was the first time I remember.  We went in June and had it reported that the temperatures had been in the 80°F-85°F range the whole week.  Hearing this information we packed for summer and headed north.
The next day after we got into town it had dipped down majorly.  What was supposed to be in the 80s was really in the 20s.  That would be below freezing.  It was also crazy windy.  So not only were we not prepared for the weather outside, we were very unprepared for the wind chill on top of that.  It felt almost impossibly for me to walk around when the wind really got going.
The best part about the trip was getting to meet the kitties.  They had three of them and they all got along.  The two we had did not agree to each other as well.  The fact that there was a full bathroom in the basement was also pretty impressive to me.  We didn't have any bathrooms in the basement at home and that's all I had really seen at that point.

I wish I had known about this at the time, but I did not get to try any poutine while we were there.  For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it is cheese curds and gravy over french fries.  Some might think that sounds kind of gross, but I like the sounds of it.  I like all of the individual things so I can't imagine they would be bad together.  Getting some of that is on my list for the next time I am up there.  When I had gone before you didn't need a passport to travel between the US and Canada.  Now you do, but now I also have one of those.  I feel like I need to make the double payment it took to get it worth it.
Another thing on my list to do is to go to Lettuce Knit and maybe splurge a little to pick up a Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby(Ravelry link) kit.  The kit comes with the yarn and pattern.  The Yarn Harlot has made quite a few and they are all too cute for words.  There hasn't been one that I've seen with a color combination I didn't like.
Though the last bit has gotten a bit off of the topic of the first time I was in a foreign country, I think it is okay.  I mean, the whole thing is to get my writerly juices flowing.  I also find it interesting to learn things like that about other people.  It is kind of like how if I find myself in Germany again I will try harder to make it to Kostümspiel since we didn't have time to before.

Today's count: 2,296
Monthly count: 24,410
Prompts used: 17
Words from titles: 79
Pattern words: 1,387
Pictures posted: 3 (counting only finished objects)

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