Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let's talk about fingerless mitts.

Some more info on my plan.  I plan on putting the writing sections near the bottom of each post.  That way if you are here just for the crafting you won't have to scroll past all of that.
There also would have been a picture here of something I made to donate, but I've run into a problem.  What I'm making has a very round bottom, but I would like for it to be able to sit on a table or the floor.  A washer or something else flat and wide would work to fix that, but I'm worried that if this was given to little ones someone might get a boo-boo if it was getting swung around.  Another idea that might work are the plastic rings that can be found in the sewing/home dec notions isle of craft stores.  They are mostly used as tiebacks, cafe curtains, shade pulls or balloon shades, but I have also seen them used to make yarn buttons.  Hopefully the 1 inch will be wide enough to make a stable base.  Another option might be those fake coins you can find at dollar stores, but I feel like it might be a bit harder to secure them so they don't shift too much.
It has also gotten a lot colder in my area over the past few days.  About two days ago I was running around without a jacket on and now I feel like I need at least three.  It makes me feel bad that I'm making cute little things and not warm stuff.  Who needs little toys when it is cold out?  People need hats and other warm things for their body.  I do have plans for some fun fingerless mitts, I even got a free pattern for one.  The designer Sarah Wilson(Ravelry link) was doing a give-a-way where you picked up to five patterns and then you got a surprise one for free.  I got Mrs. Branson Wristwarmers(Ravelry link).  Super cute, right?  There are also about a billion other fingerless mitt patterns to be found on Ravelry.
There is also a chart floating around my computer that might become a pattern for more fingerless mitts.  Can you tell I like them?  It seems like a lot of knitters have a sock as their purse project, but I seem to gravitate to fingerless mitts.  How many times can I type fingerless mitts?

I also just found some good news in the blog world.  I was complaining that there is nothing like Ravelry for sewers.  It seems there is something in the works.  Here is some info on how the entries will look here.  I'm super excited for this.  I have some fabric I bought to make a dress but when I made the muslin version I did not like it as much as I thought I would.  So now I have a piece of fabric and no easy way to find another dress to make with it.  I could search for tons of patterns I like and then hope they take what I need or less, but I'm already tired just thinking about it.  I would much rather be crafting.  Though it won't be ready to be used within the next few weeks, I am still excited.

What are five things that always get you in trouble: I think this will help you learn more about me than I bet you thought you wanted to know!  I might be able to use this prompt more than once even.
I don't know if I could pick only five things in total.  I could think of five different things in a few different categories.

Crafting things I horde: These get me into trouble because I do not need any more of them, but I keep getting more and more.  Even if you locked me in my house and made me use all the items I already own, I would probably have to live to be about 200 before I could use it all.

Yarn is the big one.  I can't say 'no' to nice yarn.  I feel really really lucky because most of the yarn I use is donated and I don't have to pay for it.  This definitely doesn't stop me from buying more though.  You don't get to request colors, amounts, or fiber types when people are being generous with things they bought.
I just love how yarn works.  It is just some long round entity, but can become so many things from there.  You can knit, crochet, weave, knot, hang, or glue it.  You can make something that is mostly two dimensional with it like a scarf, a wall hanging, a dish or wash cloth.  With the same material you can also make something very three dimensional.  Amigurumi, socks, sweaters, and bowls are only a few things.

Beads are a very close second.  You can even use them with yarn.  There is no one kind of bead I like more than others.  Well, that isn't entirely true.  The more it reflects light, the more I will notice it.  I do not have a preferred material though.  Glass beads make me just as happy as natural materials, or fancier materials.  My problem is that I will sometimes (a lot of the time) but some beads just because they are pretty.  Then I need to wait for The Perfect project for them.  This doesn't happen very quickly.  I will even buy beads for one project and then think of something else to use them for.  There were plans for making faux tennis bracelets out of Swarovski crystal beads.  Though I had a pattern from a book, it still didn't prepare me for how many I would really need. A number of beads isn't as scary looking as the price to get there can be.   The new plan is to use them with silver chainmaille rings.  I don't have the rings yet, but I keep buying more beads.

Fabric pieces and fabric scarps.  I have these all over my house.  I see a fabric and then I want to make something out of it.  Or I will get a new idea that will involve fabric and buy more instead of using some of the millions of pieces I already own.  I also have a problem throwing out scraps.  If there is only a tiny sliver left I will throw that out, but small chunks and strips just hang around.  Someone even donated a whole bag of scraps to me to use.  Most people would find them very useful for making some crazy quilts, but I don't quilt.  I tried it once.  Cutting apart perfectly good rectangles of fabric just to sew them back into rectangles of fabric just didn't appeal to me.  It's wonderful that other people love it so much.

Glitter glue is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.  I'm not a fan of loose glitter because it can get everywhere.  I work in a craft store, I know this for a fact.  I do love glitter though.  When it is held in the glue, as opposed to sprinkled on to glue, it seems to stay in place a lot better.  When multi-packs of the gel glitter glue went clearance at my work I bought about seven packages.  I don't think I've managed to use one whole pack up yet.
I will admit that loose glitter can be used in a way that it doesn't get everywhere.  I have done it before.  At the bottom of a bottle-cap pendant that is covered in resin is a very good way to make sure that the glitter can't go anywhere.  The loose glitter can even be mixed into resin or a very clear glue and used that way so that it can give it more of a suspended look instead of being flat on the bottom.  I know the uses for the various kinds of glitter to keep myself happy that is isn't all falling off, I just like the glue more since it is so easy to work with.  The gel stuff just tends to take a bit longer to dry.

Buttons are just so fun.  Now I'm not super crazy, I don't horde tons of plain buttons.  I have the standard amount of plain buttons, but I have a ton of interesting ones.  I run into the same problems that I do with some of the other materials though.  I only have a limited amount.  I especially do because I will wait to buy buttons I like until they go on clearance.  I also don't keep an eagle eye on when they go clearance or sometimes I don't think they are marked down enough, so then I'm even more limited because other people will usually get to them before I can.
I love buttons so much I'm tempted to just have a wall of them once I get my craft room all set up.  Preparations have even been made for this to happen.  A few years ago when I first started working retail again the store I was working at was closing.  They tried to sell as many of the fixtures as they could, but not everyone wanted everything they had to offer.  There was also a bit of a mix-up on what we could or could not sell.  They told us some of the things were going to the new store for the longest time just to change that a few weeks before the doors were locked.
One of the least popular fixtures was one I was always jealous of.  I'm not sure what they are called and seem to be having some problems finding a picture to show you.  It is a wire fixture that can hang on peg-board and has all the little arms sticking out that the button card-boards can hang off of.  We sold a few but most were going to be thrown out.  I got a really good deal and I got to save some more items from the landfill.  Right now they are sitting in my garage but I have wonderful visions of putting them up and using them for all kinds of things.  I can hang rings off of it, all my wonderful buttons that are still on their backings, chains, who knows what?

Crafting supplies in general are my weakness.  I have a bunch of scrapbooking items when I don't even scrapbook.  It's true that I'm trying to find other uses for the items, but there is no reason for me to have them before I figure this out.
Here are some honorable mentions that didn't make this list:
  • Jewelry Findings
  • Various Paints: fabric, acrylic, chalkboard
  • Cricut cartridges (I don't have the machine)

Today's count:1,789
Monthly count: 2,486
Prompts used: 3

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