Saturday, November 15, 2014

Half way done...already?/took long enough!

 I told myself that I would get them done, and I did!  I have noticed that the glove and fingerless mitt combination is still really popular, so I decided to make some of my own.  I had a ton of half off coupons from where I work so I bought a bunch of the dollar gloves.  This way I can make the sets a lot faster.  There is no real reason for me to make the glove part, especially since most of it will be covered by the mitts.
 If I do another pair based off of a stitch pattern I think I am not going to increase as much on the thumb gussets.  Maybe every fourth row instead of every other.  Though the stitch pattern is pretty stretchy, so it should be able to fit someone with larger hands than I have.
 I'm thinking a matching scarf would be fun out of this stitch pattern.  I could have the stripes go back and fourth.  The part at the top where I started going straight looked pretty cool.  It would also be reversible, and that is always nice for a scarf.
 I have had an idea for some own mitts for a while but I have been hesitant to start them.  It also gives me a good excuse to try Jeny's Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On.  I've used the bind off before, but I have not tried the cast on.  I'm also doing something a bit different than everyone else when it comes to the cables.

So this marks the half-way point.  Maybe right after does, I'm never too sure about these things.  Anyway it seems odd.  I both feel like we can't be half way done and also like we should have passed half way already.  Hopefully my ramblings haven't been too hard on everyone.  You can either be excited or sad that we are at the halfway point.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm kind of relieved that I have survived so far, but also kind of shocked that it has gone by so quickly.
I have a few of the prompts picked out to work on in the last few days.  They were ones that sparked my interested but that I knew I would not be able to do justice on the day I spotted them.  The beer one had been one of those.

I've also had a bit of an upper and a downer over the last two days.  For possibly very sad reasons the Hubby and I might have been pet sitting a friends dog.  While the very sad thing is still a possibility it looks like they are taking the pup with them.  I liked the idea of getting a trial dog to see how the Hubby and I handle one.  I was even going to try and help crate train (if I was given permission).
Though there is still the option of contacting Dogs on Deployment and offering my services.  You can search in your area for pets in need of a temporary place to stay and then you can check the dates when they will need that temporary space and when one lines up with you, you can contact them.  It isn't all dogs either.  One I see on their webpage is only from December 15 until January third.
I've not done it before, but I would assume they have someone check you out some to make sure you're not a shifty type of person.  Though that might be left up to the person who is being deployed instead of having someone official in the area from the organization.

I forgot to tell you a fun little story when I went out to take the picture for the 'after' of my porch.  I looked down at the bushes to the left of the door and saw stuff that looked like broken glass.  My first thoughts were to wonder if they were going to come clean it up and where was there even glass to break.  I leaned in to get a better look and while it did still look a lot like broken glass, there was something off about it.  I poked the smooth part of one of the pieces.  Turns out it was ice.  It had sleeted the night before and hadn't gotten warm enough to melt it before they knocked it off.

Just another little note here.  Technically I'm posting this at 12:38am on the 16th, but I have a good reason to do a time change.  I had started this post in the morning of the 15th and had meant to work on it some after work.  Turns out work was super crazy and I didn't get home from it until after midnight.  Instead of trying to hurry and post I decided that eating my dinner was more important and ate that.  I figure if I had just posted what I had it would have been less confusing, but I also did not know I would have been getting home so late earlier.  On the other hand, I could have been sneaky and just done the time change without telling anyone.  I guess it was a nice excuse to complain a little about getting home late.

Today's count: 878
Monthly count: 22,114
Prompts used: 15
Pictures posted: 3 (counting only finished objects)

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