Monday, November 24, 2014

Can I borrow your hand?

The Hubby heard that a lot from me last night.  He also heard "Are you using both hands?" a few times.  Since I only have my tiny girl hands to work with, it is hard for me to tell length for big man hands.  Lucky for me, the Hubby has a pair of those.  It seems that on my hand; the very tip of my pinky is around the first joint on the pinky of man hands.
I will also admit that I was very tempted to try and steal the use of one of his hands while he was asleep.  Though knowing my luck he would have rolled over, gotten tangled in the yarn, and I would have had to cut him out of the mess.

Looks like I don't know how to search around on the internet very well.  Looks like NaBloPoMo was indeed going this month.  Does it count as failing if I didn't know it was happening?  Though it looks like you could participate every month.
I have to also be super careful...I tend to find a blog that is interesting and then want to read all of it.  I start at the beginning and work my way forwards.  While this does mean I get references it also means that if a blog is older then it will take me forever to catch up.  Though with blogs like Bad Parenting 101, I Write To Empty The Crazy, Clean Eating and Cupcakes, Nerd in the Brain, A journey of 1000 stitches, and (mis)adventures of spindlerose how could you not get interested?  Those are just the few that jumped out at me as I did a quick scroll through.
A few other blogs seem to keep their banners at the side.  I was thinking of that but the plan had been to post the NaBloPoMo badge on day one.  Then I couldn't find the one going on now so that is a bust.  I mean, I could just put it on the first post and pretend it has been there the whole time... nah.
I'm also wondering if it counts as my doing it since I didn't think I was?  Too many things to ponder right now.  I added myself to the list on there and I'm just going to keep chugging along.  Since it seems I can do it any month I'm not going to worry too much.  I might knit on it a bit and see what I come up with.

I went thrifting all day today.  My goal was to hopefully find a yellow sweater, a pink dress, and maybe some shoes for cosplay.  I found a very good sweater at the very first place we went to.  I found a dress that I might be able to get to work, and some shoes that are in the same boat.
During this day I also found myself:
  • hiking boots
  • a super cute plaid knee length light coat 
  •  two water glasses that I love, they were from when POM tea was sold in glass
  • color change mug that says OFF when cold and ON when hot
  •  purple Converse
  • knee high black Converse
  • galaxy leggings
  • a Japanese copy of Meet the Parents
  • baby music for my co-worker
  • some old school games: Rage of Mages, Star Lancer, Icewind Dale II
  • music for me: Everclear, Garbage, Dink
I am totally shopped out.  I had lots of fun though since I love getting good finds at thrift shops.  I got all of that for under $100! I did the math and it was about $95.88, I could have gotten some of it cheaper if I was going to brave the weather on Wed, but I think all of that is not too bad for that price.
I felt like I should do a price savings break down because I love seeing those, so here are some of my big ones: Some of these numbers might be wrong, but they are based on the closet thing to what I bought I could find online.
  • Alpine shop hiking boots: $14.99 ~ $120
  • Via plaid jacket (with extra buttons still attached): $16.99 ~ $64.99
  • Color change mug: $0.99 ~ $9.99
  • Purple Converse: $7.89 ~ $49.99
  • Knee high Converse: $14.99 ~ $29.99-$51.99
  • Emma leggings: $3.74 ~ $40

I will be busy washing things though.  I like to wash things in like colors since I've not washed these things before and I don't know how color fast anything is.  I'm also looking at the sweater with a slightly worried eye.  It looked light yellow in the store, but now it looks a bit more yellow green.  Even if it isn't the right color, I still like it, but it wouldn't work for what I want it for.  I also have until February to find another one if I need to.

I was really hoping to get more writing done today but the more I try and push it the more I get distracted by random things on the internet.  I feel like I should just post now and get some sleep.

Today's count: 846
Monthly count: 37,437
Prompts used: 22
Words from titles: 115
Pattern words: 1,870
Pictures posted: 4 (counting only finished objects)

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