Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They said it was going to be doing this...

As you can see, it did snow.  I'm not sure when it switched from rain to snow, but it was snowing and there was some gathered on roof tops and grass when I woke up this morning.  I love seeing snow fall from the sky.  I did go to the grocery store, but I didn't need anything for eating tomorrow.  I needed to make a list because I wasn't sure what I needed to get to make some dessert to take to work on Friday.  I actually got to go to the store's parking lot twice because I forgot my wallet the first time.
I also got some flickering tea lights to use in an idea I have for some decoration for the front of my house.  If I really like how it looks I might invest in some LED flickering tea lights so I won't have to worry about going out to turn them on or off.

The Hubby headed out of town before I could steal his hand again.  It looks huge on me, but that's because I have tiny hands.  I've decided that if I can get a picture of them on some man hands then that will be great, but if I finish them before he gets home on Saturday I will just try and find their new owner and not worry about a picture.  This way I won't feel bad because I'm waiting to get a picture of them.  If it happens it happens; if not, no big deal.
I tried a suggestion I read about online on the braid on the second braid.  Instead of knitting the stitch off of the body through the back loop before knitting the braid stitch, they suggested to just slip the body stitch.  That did help with the looseness that can happen to the body stitches as you are going around.  However, it made it feel like it was harder to control the tension on the braid stitches and the first row sits behind the first following row you work.  So there are some trade offs to working it either way.

I think this picture is worth ten thousand words!
I just wanted to share this Cthuken with everyone.  I first saw this picture on The Bloggess this morning when I did a quick scan of the blogs I follow.  This thing is kind of awesome.  I keep looking at it hoping to figure out something witty to say and find myself just staring at it.

I'm hearing a lot of thumbing noises right now.  I keep looking outside but since I don't see anyone out there I'm thinking that I might have racoons as upstairs neighbors again.  I wouldn't mind so much if they cleaned up after themselves.  I did a walk around and the snow on the roof is untouched, so I revised my opinion that it is probably just the wet clumps of snow falling off the trees.  It has moved back to the precipitation being rain and not snow.  Hopefully it is snow because racoons are expensive to evict.  I should know, I've had to do it twice before.

I tried my lotion and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I don't know if it is because the essential oil doesn't smell just like rosemary does when you buy it in the little jars at the store.  Next time I will try and add more lavender than rosemary.  That might help, but it doesn't hurt to try it.  I do really like the slight hints of the sweet orange.  I wasn't sure if I would even be able to tell it was there.
I let my mom give it a quick sniff and she told me that she though it smelled kind of like Vaporub.  I don't really get that from it.

You are a superhero.  What powers do you have, and how do you use them?
There is an everyday super power I would want and also one I would use at my day job.
Everyday superpower:
I think one that I would like to have would be to get inanimate objects to do things I want them to on their own.  I don't think I want to make them sentient or anything.  I would just rather be able to tell the dishes and the scrub brush to work together and get the dishes done.  I could also have the iron put some interfacing onto the back of strips of fabric before the rotary cutter cuts out the six squares I need for making fabric flowers.
I could get so much stuff done while I sat around and knitted.  I would even be able to get some action shots of me working on things because I would be able to get the camera to work on its own.
It would also make writing my patterns a lot easier.  I wouldn't have to stop knitting so often to get down what I just did.  It would also be easier when I make charts because sometimes there is a need to just fill background space.  This can get very boring and be very time consuming.
Graphic design things for my buttons would also be a snap.  Just tell the computer to make what I am picturing and I don't have to sit there and tweak it for a few hours.
This would definitely help me get everything done that I usually hope to that require the use of my hands.  Even right now I have to take time out of knitting to type all of this.

Day-job superpower:
I think that super speed would be really handy.  They would ask me to put things away and I would be the best at it.  I would also be such a champ at putting up sale signs.  I don't think it would help in any other aspect though.  You'd think it would help when I go to cut fabric or work the register, but I really don't think that super speed would make too much of a difference.
Too many people either need price checks or need to see how much a certain length is to make a huge difference.  I once helped two people who wanted fabric for over half an hour to cut two pieces of fabric because they didn't know how much they wanted of each.
There are also plenty of people who don't notice the price checkers throughout the store and just bring it to the front before seeing the price and deciding they don't want to get it.  There are also people who want to sit there and look at each price and then dispute things.
So it seems like that won't help too much.  Maybe some sort of power of influence people?  Get them to stop telling me that I can 'just throw in that extra half yard' because I can't.  It might also help calm those angry people who like causing a scene.

Another one I thought of that might be nice would be to be able to create things with the power of my mind.  What wouldn't I use that power for?  If I wanted to make a prop or piece of armor for cosplay I would be able to think it into being.  If I wanted some perfectly seasoned popcorn I could just ponder it over for a bit.  Since I don't know all the rules I don't know if I would need to have the materials or if it would just pop into existence.
This sounds like a power that would require a bunch of down time.  I like sleeping and lounging in blankets, so I am perfectly alright with this.  One of my co-workers and I joke that our dream job's description would be to eat cookies and nap.

Since I have already listed more than one super power, here is yet another.  I think it would be interesting if your super power would be to transfer sleep energy.  I could make my own business and be super successful.  If someone was working on a big project they wouldn't have to worry about missing some sleep because I could send them some energy.  I could just take a long nap and they would get all the good stuff from it.
Not sure how the transfer stuff would work, but I came up with this idea when I misheard some lyrics in a song.  I thought it says "my girl was sleeping for somebody else."  The lyrics are actually "girl mistakes me for somebody else," but the way I heard it made me wonder.
New mothers would also love to be able to get more sleep.  Think of how many people would love to be able to just pay a little bit more money to get some sleep energy instead of just getting some temporary stimulant from coffee.  I would become rich just for doing something I'm already good at.

Of course, any super power would be nice.  I feel like the ability to set things on fire would be very therapeutic.  You could be super angry and then just set some trash on fire and then you would be cozy by a fire.  If I had that power I would always carry marshmallows with me.  It would also help to brighten other people's day if I could just randomly make a s'more or twenty.  Whose day wouldn't be made better by a s'more?  I know I would love that.

Today's count: 1,585
Monthly count: 42,591
Prompts used: 24
Words from titles: 134
Pattern words: 1,870
Other blog: 905
Pictures posted: 4 (counting only finished objects)

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