Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's coming-up bunnies!

I seem to have bunnies on the brain.  I also have pumpkins on the brain too.  This bunny is only about 95% complete though.  He still needs a little tail but I'm going to have to see if I have any white wool yarn to make a little felted one.  I know I have some wool blend yarn but that doesn't felt.  I used this tutorial to make him: Knitted Bunnies
The bunny is what I got the ring for.  It seems that I made the bunny too big for a one inch ring base though.  It just kind of got lost in there.  I pulled it out and I am going to try again on a smaller one.  Though before you point out that the pumpkin I showed before is fairly large so it would be no wonder this guy is too big, that is a new pumpkin.  My mom went to a few of the stands after Halloween and got a bunch of free pumpkins.  This means that I got a bunch too.  This pumpkin will become The Perfect Pumpkin Soup at some point this week.  There is even a video you can watch on how it is done.  I'm excited because there isn't as many steps as their usually is when making pumpkin soup from a raw pumpkin.  There is even a cheesy option that I might try with another one.  I found some sweet ones too, but I can get lots of sweet pumpkin things all over the place, it is harder to find any savory things.

I was just super distracted.  I wanted to do some research on different ways to combine beads and chainmaille.  Two things I love to do all in one place.  I was going to do a quick search... 20 minutes later.  Though the research does have something to do with this blog.  I had planned, back before I had typed a single word, that I would also have a charity Etsy account.  When (not if) the blog got big enough it would give a way for people to be able to donate money to me and also get something nice as well.  Like when you call in to a telethon and you get a tote bag, only better.  The best thing for these would be to find things that are both lovely and quick to make.  That way I wouldn't be taking too much time away from knitting/crochet/sewing items to donate.  While I am not to that point yet, it is just a matter of time.

Describe the most recent moment when you couldn't think of anything to say.  Were you having a hard time making conversation, or were you simply dumbfounded?
I get a lot of these.  I worry when I go to parties that I won't know anyone and even when I met someone I've talked to online, it tends to have a lot of awkward moments.  There is one time when it wasn't that I just couldn't think of something to say but I also had to keep from laughing.  The only think I could keep thinking was 'did you really just say that?'
So here it is:  I was helping someone at the register and asked all the other things, like if they had found what they were looking for.
Me: "Do you have any coupons you would like to use?"
Lady: "No, do you have any?"
Me: "If we had any it would be in the basket that is over there, but I think we are out.  You can sign-up and get them in the mail from us."
Lady sends her daughter over to check and the baskets are indeed empty.
Lady: "You don't have any anywhere else in the store?  Behind the register... back in the office..."
Me: "We put them all out."
Lady gives me a skeptical look and asks to talk to a manager.  One happened to be walking by so I point her out.  The lady asks for a coupon.
Manager: "Sure thing, let me check on that."
Lady: "This is why you are not a manager, because of your can don't attitude." She then gives me a smug look because she thinks she is going to 'win.'  As if it was a game that I hide coupons from people for some reason I can't imagine.
Manager: "Oh no, it looks like we are out.  Sorry." The manager also holds up the box we get the fliers in, so everyone can see that there are no more.
After this the lady demands to get a coupon from the office for the next week.  We don't get them in that far in advance, so we couldn't give her one if we wanted.  She scoffed at the idea at getting them in the mail.  I don't remember if she bought everything or not, but I can't get over what she said.  "Can don't attitude," who even says that?  I've heard a lot of people talk about a can do attitude.  I found it hilarious.  The best part was that I was a manager in the store that had closed and I decided that it wasn't for me when I got to the new store.  I feel like it was a wise choice since there have been a large number to have come and gone over the years I have been there.

One from work that was the most recent really left me with nothing to say.  It is holiday season so we have a bunch of new people.  There are also some that have only been around for a few months, but are doing really well.  One of them is really nice and I have fun talking about random stuff with her.
One night we were closing and didn't have a lot of people working.  That is no big surprise, but it is annoying.  After we had locked the doors and chased everyone out, this person came up to me.  She told me that while she was helping someone the lady told her that she had no personality.
The lady had told her to smile more.  Last I checked, it takes more than facial expressions to make a personality.  Though I'm not sure why she couldn't just say "you should smile more" rather than say that my co-worker had no personality.

The best thing(s) that could happen:
I couldn't pick just one, so here are a few.
Blog:  I would love for this blog to become super popular.  I would love to be able to hear about other peoples' items they make and donate.  The hubby has told me many times how I could make this more of a part of my life.  If I could get donations to help cover costs, then I could have more time to work on things to donate or auction off for donation money compared to driving to my day job, or working at my day job.
I also get super jealous of all the people that come in and talk about all the things they have made for charity.  A lot of them do it with a group and they talk about how many things they made as a group, but I still want to do more.  One church group had made over 500 small teddy bears in a month.  I don't know how many people are in this group, but that is still an impressive number.  While we were talking about it another lady came over to thank the person I was helping.  It turns out her son had been in one of the hospitals that they donate these bears to and it helped him.  He still loves the little bear.  It would be super cool if something like that happened to me one day.

Job:  Speaking of my day job.  It has been a dream of mine for a while to have my Etsy shop be super successful.  I like the idea of that because I could work on things almost where ever I wanted.  If someone wanted to hang-out or go to lunch, then I could bring my things with me.  I could even get some work done if I was on vacation.  There is also the nice option of being able to get lunch whenever I get hungry, not only getting it if I work over enough hours and after the other people have gotten their break.
Being a knitting/crochet pattern designer has become a new part of this.  While I do a quite a few patterns designed or at least mostly written down, only one is available to the public.  I know that I just have to have them tested, but it would be awesome if people actually bought my patterns and made pretty things out of them when I put them out there for sale.  I know there are a lot of pattern designers out there.
I know it is a lot of work and a lot of stress.  I have to keep making things and coming-up with new ideas.  I also have to make sure to get orders out on time and keep my shop filled with fun items.  So far I am not doing the best job of that, but I know it is my fault.  I can't blame anything or anyone but myself.  Okay, I might be able to blame my cat, he can just be so cute and distracting.  Advertising is something else I need to work on.  I have cards designed, I just need to get them printed and out into the world.

House: Though this is another one that is on me, my house is a mess.  I'm not the best at cleaning.  While I know the fundamentals about how it works, but where I run in to problems is when it comes to moving the things from where they are.  I have the hardest time trying to figure out where everything's 'home' is.  If I was already organized and everything already had a place, then that would be fine.  I am pretty good at putting things back where they belong.  I do that at work for hours at a time.  Though since I am the one who also has to decide where they live, problems occur.  I would like to think that it would be so much better if my craft room had walls, but I can't promise anything.
A little back story: When we got our house the inspector thought that the basement was very musty smelling.  This was because the sump-pump's sensor was set too high and there was extra water sitting in the little hole.  However, the inspector thought it was because the basement had a ton of mold and that we were all going to die.  Alright, I don't know about the last part, but it sounds good.
After that the mold remediation people unfinished my finished basement.  There was a whole kitchen area down there and all the cabinets and appliances suddenly disappeared.  They also ripped out the dry walls and splattered white sealant everywhere.
There was still a musty smell even after this, but it magically went away when we got a new sump-pump installed.  We at least got some money off because we were buying it "as is" and that changed drastically since we had first seen it and fell in love.
I'm doing better than I have in the past, but there is a lot of catching up to do.  I know that someday it will be done, but I would love if it magically just happened over night and I also knew where everything was.

If you are reading these little bits at the bottom, you will probably notice that I've added a picture counter.  Still debating on if that will play into any totals or if it will just be a fun fact.

Today's count:1,980
Monthly count: 6,816
Prompts used: 7
Pictures posted: 1

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