Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy tummy.

At work I had the worst headache today at work.  I tried drinking more water, but that didn't help any.  I am now trying something I heard about on The Dr. Oz Show.  He said that ginger helps to reduce inflammation that can cause the pain.  I have some Pocas brand Honey Ginger tea and we will see if it helps.  If not I will just go to bed early.
My tummy has no complaints though.  I stopped by the pet store to get some kitty-box liners for Mr Jag, the pet store is near the Korean/International Grocery store, so I got some gimbap (aka kimbap: 김밥).  I also got some reduced kimchi, but I am not having any of that tonight.
Most of my break at work was spent eating my crackers and I didn't get a chance to work on the fingerless mitts I have started.  Though now I'm tempted to start them again and have the bottom detail go all the way around the wrist and not just be on the back.  Another option would be to just finish these and make another pair with it going all the way around.  Luckily for me, the weather has become a little warmer, so I don't feel as bad for not getting as many warm things done.
I also have an idea for a hat based on a pattern I had found on Ravelry and a texture on a fabric I saw at work the other day.  It will have traveling slip stitches.

I'm so sleepy.  I just keep staring at the screen not writing words.  I know part of it is the headache and another part is the full tummy.  A nice warm beverage never helps me to wake-up either.  So many things working against me right now.  I have also been sneezing a lot today, so I might be fighting off some germs that someone decided to be nice enough and share with me.

What's the most expensive thing you own?  What was it like to buy it?
I have three things that could come under this.  One thing that was bought for me, another I bought for someone else, and a third that was co-purchased.

Co-purchased: This is the most expensive out of the three.  It is my house.  Both my name and the hubby's name are on it.  My dad even helped us with the down-payment.  I love my house so much.  It is so big and has a bunch of trees all around it.  One of my requirements was that there was an extra room to become my craft room and that we have a bunch of trees on the lot.  I specified on the lot because of what happened to me when I was still at my parents' house.
Up until middle-school there had been a big forested area behind my parents' house.  It was awesome.  There were paths that lead to a local park and streams and everything else.  There were even a few bee hives closer to the house on the lot.  A lot of people used it to cut between the neighborhoods.  When the owner died and none of his children wanted to take over, it was sold to developers.  In one fell swoop I lost my woods to run around in and the best slope to go sledding on.  One of the other ways to get into the woods down the street had been down a cul-de-sac and there had been a sleep hill to get into the woods.  It was perfect because you could get some speed up and not have to worry about random cars.
I was worried that if we didn't own the trees, that I could lose them again.  I just love trees a ton.  I love how they look all year too.  The snow or ice in the winter, the bright leaves in fall, the buds in spring, and of course the bright green in summer.  I also like watching squirrels run around on them.
I'm also fairly sure my house has ghosts in it.  The lot sat empty for a year, so I don't know too much about the previous owners.  I know the owners were in the military and would rent out part of the house.  Soon after moving in I would hear mumbling sounds, like the TV was on in the other room.  I would then realize that I was in the doorway of the TV room so I could hear it perfectly.  Another time I was alone with Mr. Jag and told him good night.  I then heard one of the water bottles on the floor make a crinkle sound.  I thought that maybe we had mice and I turned the light on.  Of course I didn't see anything.  After turning the light back off I hear a thump in the hallway.  The water bottle crinkled again and another thump in the hallway.  When the house is settling Mr. Jag just ignores it, but right at that moment he had all of his attention on the hallway.  I the said "Good night Mr. Jag and Ghosties" to see what would happen.  The water bottle crinkled one more time, there was one more thump in the hallway, then it was quiet the rest of the night.
I was super nervous when we decided to sign the papers for it.  I am no good at making big commitments like this.  Both Bill and I loved the house so it made sense that when they accepted our offer that we buy it.  I did not like how many pages of rules the home owner's association sent to us though.  It would have been nice to be able to opt out of it, but that was not an option.
Signing and initialing all of the paperwork took forever.  I'm pretty sure there was a whole forest on that table that we had to deal with.

Bought for me: My car is so awesome.  There are so many things I love about it.  The heated seats in the winter are the best part.  My car is a 2007 VW Rabbit in United Grey.  I was hoping to get in in blue, but they were out.  I got the last one in grey they had.  The interesting thing is that I'm pretty sure the car I got was the same one I had test driven a few weeks beforehand.  It isn't just the color that makes me think this.  When I was test driving it I had my mom with me.  The sales guy asked her what her favorite radio station was.  She told him and he said he was going to teach us how to program it into one of the buttons.  She told him it wasn't necessary, especially since it was already in there.  He put it as number three anyway.
After owning my car for a few weeks I noticed something about the saved radio buttons.  Number one and number three were the same station and were my mom's favorite radio station.  It was like we were meant to be.  The car also sometimes turns up the base when I stop too quickly.  Bill tried telling me it was some sort of balance problem with the radio, but it doesn't ever do it when I'm accelerating.
Again I was torn on this one, even though this one happened before the house.  I had really wanted a blue one because I wanted my car to be an interesting color.  The guy tried to sell me on a silver one because the silver was really light and sometimes reflected colors around it.  I thought it looked like it had a green tinge to it when it did that and I didn't want a car that looked ill.  It was the last grey one they had and I really liked the way it handled and the way it looked.
My dad was even able to talk them into throwing in the rubber floor pads that had the Rabbit logo on them and a first oil change.  I was proud of myself because I didn't look like I wanted it too much while my dad was negotiating with them.  I tried to keep and cool and calm outside, like I didn't really care if we went home with it or not.

Present: The most expensive thing I bought for someone else was an X-box 360.  There is a funny story leading up to me feeling silly and a tiny bit embarrassed when I was buying it.
I had no idea what to get Bill for Christmas the year that Halo 4 came out.  Well, I usually never know what to get him for Christmas no matter what games are coming out.  I knew he liked Halo and I also knew that there was a special X-box 360 that went with the new Halo.  I went to Best Buy and found a big pile of giant boxes with Halo 4 all over them and an employee guarding them.  I figured this was exactly what I wanted and I put it in my shopping cart and felt super proud of myself.  I got home and hid it with no problems so I figured I was all set.
Come Christmas morning Bill unwraps it and says something...he says "but we don't have an X-box to play this on..."  It turns out that they had a few versions.  One came with an X-box, one with a helmet, and another with a statue.  I managed to find the one with the statue, not the console.  I'm just good like that.
After Christmas Bill and I went to Game Stop and I got him his X-box.  I even got him a special controller that was Halo themed and that got his little avatar a tiny flying thing.  I felt so silly that I hadn't read the box...well, at all.  This is why reading things is important.

Good news, I feel like the honey ginger tea really helped my headache.

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