Sunday, November 9, 2014

My bad, I went to bed instead.

Yesterday was just too much.  It was a Saturday, the second day of the Veterans' day, and it is getting close to all the various cold-time Holidays.  I was supposed to work 5.5 hours, so that wasn't going to be too bad.  However, one person hurt her shoulder and was given five days of bed rest, a second was out sick, and one more had been in a car accident.  He was fine, but the car was not.  It was the car that he and his brother shared, so that was double bad news.  Good news was that one out of the three did come in.  Bad news for me (good for work) was that since we weren't sure how many would come in I agreed to stay until seven.  It might only been an hour and a half more, but it really killed me.
All I managed to do was to come home and play some Dragon Cave.  This means that I did a lot of scrolling and some clicking.  They added a new feature where you have to view so many of certain kinds of dragons to unlock information about them.
I would love to be able to report that because I was so tired I went to bed right after I got home and I am now well rested.  This is not the case.  It doesn't help that I am still trying to figure out how to reset the time on my furry alarm.  I tried moving the switches in the front; one back, the other in back, or both in back.  This didn't work, so I tried moving the small antennae on the front, this caused a reaction, but I don't think it work.  I also tried moving the crank on the back but I was still unable to make the change I wanted.  There was also nothing on the front of the base to use.  (In case anyone was worried, Mr. Jag was purring the whole time I was poking and petting him.)

I have come to realize that a lot of my hobbies require the use of my hands.  Knitting, crochet, sewing, writing/typing, jewelry making, petting the cat, and video game playing all require the use of my hands.  I know there are knitting machines and I could probably rig that so I could move it back and forth with my feet, but what fun is that?  I would get a lot of blankets made that way, but I would be bored after the first few times.  At least watching Netflix only needs my hands for a very short amount of time, after that it does its own thing for a while.

I would love to be able to say here that I am going to write some epically long post and save myself from being behind in word count and even push farther a little more, but I am pretty sure that won't be happening.  The reason I'm feeling this way is because I'm sitting here trying to get my awake on with some Zipfizz (my version of morning coffee) and pretend that I am totally awake.  So far it is not going as well as hoped.  Who knows though, I do have all day at add little bits to this post.
Hopefully I will at least be able to get the 1,667 words for today.  I guess I should say one thousand six hundred and sixty seven to make it more NaNoWriMoerly.  More National Novel Writing Montherly?  Too much with the words that don't add anything?  Okay, I'll stop.
I am being semi-productive by uploading some videos onto YouTube.  I have gotten into the streaming fad and want to be able to let people see older videos. Twitch changed how they do things, so they are no longer saving videos for you forever.  After a set amount of time they delete them, though the ones with highlights stay forever.  I had thought about making a highlight out of every video I made, but then I realized that it would be a lot more work and that I was going to be putting them up on YouTube anyway.

Here is some random thoughts that cane into my head while trying to find a prompt I like for today:
A while ago I went to the mall because I heard you could get a free sample of face lotion if you went in and let them try a small sample of the whole line of products on you.  So it meant that I was going to get my face washed and moisturized and also a free sample of the lotion she used.  This seemed like a good deal.
As she was washing my face and everything she was giving me some helpful tips.  One of them was to include your neck in what you were doing to your face.  She said that your neck was part of "your face skin."  Now, she didn't just mean the stuff right under your chin, she was talking about the whole thing.  I didn't ask, but it got my wondering where my "face skin" ends and where the rest of me starts.  Are my shoulders part of my "face skin" too?  They are right there after all.
I did take her advice and I will do whatever I'm doing to my face when washing and then moisturizing to the parts right under my chin and about half way down my neck now.  I don't know if it will make any difference really, but it doesn't hurt anything.

Write a story in which each sentence will begin with a different latter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A, and moving sequentially, i.e., B, C, D, and so forth.
    A more interesting day was never had by anyone.  Bill could not prove this, but so many things had happened in such a short amount of time that it could not be helped.  Countess things seem to have gone wrong for him for no good reason.  Dates aren't supposed to end in suspected murder, but this one had.  Enough people go on bad dates, but not many go on such dramatic ones.
    First we need to set-up the scene.  Gretchen was a fun loving lady whom Bill had met on an internet dating site, it was all the rage.  His profile was more honest than most and that seemed to be keeping some of the lovely ladies away, luckily Gretchen seemed to like his honesty.  Instead of putting on airs just to impress the other person they talked about their true selves, at least that's what Bill thought they were doing.
    Just after they had gotten drinks Gretchen told him that she had a dark secret she didn't feel safe to tell him about over their phone calls.  Kind as he was, Bill did not want to jump to any conclusions or overreact to something he didn't even know, so he encouraged her to tell him when she felt comfortable enough.
    Last thing he was expecting was what she was going to tell him, she admitted that she had killed someone.  Marie, who was their waitress, had the offal timing of walking up to their table and right within ear shot right as Gretchen admitted her dark secret.  Not having been charged with the murder, Gretchen must have feared that the waitress would go and tell the police about what she had overheard.
    Opening the door to the employee break room, Marie quickly ducked inside.  Poor Marie must not have stood a chance and before he knew it, Bill was being roped into dragging Marie's body out to the dumpster in the back.
    Quickly Bill came out of his stupor about the whole situation, he had to do something about this, he could be next after all.  Ready with a broken chair leg, he turned to confront Gretchen about what had happened.  Standing there with tears in her eyes Gretchen admitted that she did not kill Marie, that it was too hard to kill someone innocent, she had just wanted to knock her out until she could get away.
    Though it helped, this did not totally ease his discomfort about the whole situation and he explained this to Gretchen.  Until she got some help, Gretchen knew this might happen again.  Very reluctatnly she agreed that she would go with Bill to the police station and tell them her story.
    When they got to the police station Bill was met by an odd sight.  Xander, his buddy was there holding a bottle of champagne.  Yes, this had all been a set-up to get him into the station, it was a surprise birthday party for Bill.
    "Zooks," Bill muttered under his breath, what a crazy night it had been.

I did it!  This was one was fun and I didn't much planning.  I was going to have someone get poisened at first, but it wanted to go in another direction.  I think I broke about a thousand grammar rules in there, but I like it.  Poor Bill, I hope he and Gretchen get to go on a few more dates without any fake murder being involved.

Write a scene in which a father accidentally meets his son's girlfriend for the first time. The son isn't present, and the girlfriend is almost the same age as the father.
    "C'mon Dad, it would help you loosen up some."  Kenji rolled his eyes at his father.  Though he was in his early twenties, Kenji often still used some of this old teenage habits.
    "I'm not some hippie, I don't think yoga is for me." Steven Cho replied.
    "Heather isn't some 'hippie' and she goes at least twice a week.  She says it is a nice way to relax.  You could really use some of that." Kenji passed his father a business card with the name of the yoga studio.
    "Heather is your new girlfriend, right?  When will I get to meet her?"  Steven wanted to change the topic.
    "I want to make sure it's serious this time.  I really like her, but remember how you intimidated Susie?"  Kenji grabbed a snack and left the room before his father could as him about Heather anymore.
    The conversation had replayed in his head a few times the next day on his way home from a particularly hard day at work.  Steven decided to stop in at the nearest book store to try and find a book on yoga and see what this was all about.  If it seemed interesting it wouldn't hurt to try it at home.  Then if it turned out to be something he liked, then he could look in to doing it in public.
    Though he had been hoping to find the Yoga section empty, there were a few ladies looking at books.  He estimated that a few were around his age but there were also a few younger ones mixed in.  Even if none of them looked like a stereotypical hippie he felt like he had no place intruding into their space.  He grabbed the first book he could reach and took it back into the empty History section of the store to look through.  In his hurry to go unnoticed he ended-up running into someone, literally.
    "I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."  He apologized to the lady he bumped in to.
    "I'm sorry too, I wasn't looking either.  It's not often there are other people in this section."  She tossed her long brown hair over a shoulder revealing that she too was holding onto a book about yoga.
    "And isn't it funny how we are both carrying books about yoga?"  Steven thought this lady was quite good looking.  The fine lines by her eyes hinted to him that they might be close to the same age, maybe a bit younger.
    "I always sneak off to really check out a book.  If you stand in there you just get sucked in by all the people who are doing it because it is the latest fad.  I don't care if a book is written by the person who made it 'cool,' I care about what is in the actual book."  She gave him a little smile.
    "I'm actually quite new to all of this.  My son's girlfriend loves yoga and he told me that it might help me to relax.  Oh, how rude of me, my name is Steven."  He stuck his hand out.
    "I love it, I have been doing it for years.  I'm Heather."  She had a nice and firm handshake.
    "It would be great if I could get some pointers."  He thought it was an odd coincidence that this lady had the same name as his son's new girlfriend and also loved yoga.  It would be even better if they went to the same class, he might be able to find out some information about his son's girlfriend before meeting her.  It's not like his son was telling him much about her.
    "I would be happy to give you some suggestions on books, DVDs, or even a great studio I go to all the time.  I keep telling my boyfriend that I will help his dad start, he says that his dad is really stressed due to his job."  She smiled enthusiastically.
    "Does your boyfriend come with you to yoga?"  Steven couldn't really picture men doing yoga.  Most yoga advertisements showed only ladies in it.
    "I wish he would, but he is getting ready to go to college.  I wish he would have time to go."  She replied.
    "I know how stressful that is, my son is getting ready to go to college."  Steven laughed.
    "How funny, I wonder if they know each other?  Does your son know a Kenji Cho?"  She laughing asked.
    "That is...well...this is awkward.  I'm not sure how to say this.  My son is Kenji Cho."  Steven smiled awkwardly.
    "Oh... This is kind of funny.  Though he has been trying to come-up with the right way for us to meet for weeks now.  He didn't know how you would react.  You know, the whole thing." Heather nervously brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
    "Well, you seem like a nice enough person.  I know how he can get sometimes.  Say, let's pretend that his never happened, he has enough to worry about already."  Steven suggested.
    "That's sounds perfect.  It was wonderful not meeting you.  I hope to meet you soon."  Heather smiled and waved as she walked away.
    "I look forward to it."  Steven was still trying to absorb that he had met his son's mysterious girlfriend.  Though the age thing was a bit of a shock, the more it sunk in, the less it bothered him.  He wondered how his son was going to arrange for them to finally meet someday.

Today's count:2,482
Monthly count: 14,883
Prompts used: 12
Pictures posted: 2 (counting only finished objects)

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