Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've gotten about 2/3 of the way through the lace pattern on the girly caplet.  This means that I am some sort of bigger percentage done with the whole thing (since I did all the increases before I began the lace)
This was all well and good until the other night.  My original plan was to finish this and then make a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of the managers at work who recently had a baby.  The other night I found out her husband had been told that he had gotten a good job down south.  I also found out that she had announced this on facebook a week before.  Since I still don't have a good way to get to FB I didn't hear about it until a week later.
So now I have until Friday to finish the jacket.  I also have a plan to make some fingerless mitts once I finish the caplet.  I know I said I had a nice nerd scarf planned, but I think a nice quick project would be a good idea before I take on another big one.

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