Friday, January 6, 2012


I was knitting along my marry way, excited to see how close I was getting to the end.  I was thinking about how wonderful it was going to be to finish and post my first finished item.  The item would look so wonderful since the sun is out today.  I also thought it was funny how I was quickly trying to knit this while watching my recorded episode of Project Runway All-Stars.
I noticed that my stitches felt a bit odd, but I ignored that and kept going.  I went to go and push more stitches onto the needle when I noticed this:

Why yes, that shiny bit on the right is the non-working end of my needle, and that bit to the left/middle is the end of the cable.  I was very confused to why these two things are no longer connected.
After absorbing this I ran downstairs and got my size 5 circs and transferred all the stitches.  So now I'm stuck in the middle of a row with only 5 full rows and a bind-off until I am done.
True there is also that little matter of seaming and buttons, but that won't take long.

I think the universe is trying to tell me to work on Barbara's squares.  She is a very nice lady who is paying me to crochet.
Here is a little back-story.  She made a crochet block blanket for her daughter one Christmas.  Her grand-daughter saw this and wanted one for herself.  Barbara has a degenerative disk disease, so this was not easy.  She had been working as much as she could for 4 months, but had only gotten 2 squares done.
I was at work when she called to see if the crochet class that was scheduled for a few days then was still going to happen.  Turns out she was the only one enrolled, so it was not.  She then asked if anyone in the store knew how to crochet.  I told her that I knew how.  She explained the situation and asked if I would crochet the blocks for her.  I told her that I would.
She then called back a few days ago and asked if I could do a few more.  I told her I would, and I was going to start them after I finished the surprise project.  Seems the universe wants me to start on them now.

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