Monday, January 23, 2012

Now I know why it went clearance...

I've been working on my Girly Girl Caplet. I was really excited to get done with the increases and get to the lace pattern. The yarn had a but more fuz come off of it than I'm used to, but otherwise I thought it was soft and cute.
Then I ran into a thicker white spot on the yarn.  I thought that was exciting and wondered if it would happen again.  That is where it all went wrong.
I next encountered a spot where the white was sewing-thread thin.  It was then followed by a VERY thick spot.  I thought that was interesting and kept going.  It then started happening more than the yarn was normal.  I kept hoping that the thin spots would stack with the thick spots and that it would all 'come out in the wash.' (or even that is would just stop) Nope.  Of course not.  The thin spots stacked with other thin spots, and the thick spots were just white fluff areas. While this does not ruin the knitting, it is a bit annoying.
At least the two pinks stay the same thickness.
The good news is that the lace pattern I altered is looking good so far.

Also: Still no word about the needles. I think another e-mail is in order.

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