Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Did I Get These?

Still no word about the needles(and yes, I am also checking my spam-folder).  I'm trying to decide how long I should wait before I try and resend the e-mail to them.  I looked through my other wooden needles, but the smallest I have is a size 8.  I checked my bag of straights and have nothing between a size 3 to size 8.
My next stop was my bag of old circs.  Why do I add old to the name of the bag of them?  Because most of them are made out of one solid piece of plastic.  I think they are really cool, but I fear that if I use them too much that I will snap them all in half.
As I was gently rummaging I noticed that there was a smaller zip-lock bag in there.  I pulled it out and found two pairs of addi turbos in there.  The price-tag on it told me that one of them was a size 6.  I tried to not get my hopes up too much as I pulled them out and took a look at them.  The first one was a size 8 (which I have a ton of) but the second really was a size 6!  I have no idea when I would have gotten either pair!
This made me want to drop everything and finish the project!  The voice in my head reminded me of something.
I had wanted to finish Barbara's blocks by today.  The cold had hit me so hard that I barely knew how to make the blankets on the bed work, let alone how to make a crochet hook work, so I fell behind.  Barbara told me that she was fine with this and I promised her that they would be all done by Sat.
I compromised by moving the finished stitches of the project into the new needles and finishing the row.
It felt so nice.  Wooden needles look so much fancier as you knit, but I love the smoothness that the metal ones have. You can also go so much faster with the metal ones.
I am now off to crochet like the wind so I can get back to the surprise project!

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