Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Surprise, I don't know numbers!

So I needed to cast-on 160 stitches for my first project for the blog.  I like using stitch markers to mark chunks of stitches so I don't have to keep counting the same ones over and over again.
I cast on 100 stitches and put a marker, I cast on another 100 and put a marker, I then cast on 60 stitches.  I then read the pattern and got confused.  The pattern tells me to knit 34 stitches, do a decrease, knit 86, do another decrease, then knit the last 34 stitches.
I knit the first 34 stitches, then wondered how this would work.  I didn't even reach the first marker (the one before the 60 was cast on) and there were another 100 between the two markers.  I then added all the numbers on the pattern and found-out that they did, indeed, come out to 160.
It was then that I realized where I had gone wrong.  To cast-on 160 stitches, I only need one stitch marker.
Yes, it did take me until I was almost half-way through the first row to realize that I had cast-on an extra 100 stitches.  I then took out everything I had knit, cast on another 20 and had the real number I needed.  It all magically made sense (I bet you saw the flaw from the beginning)

I was going post an annoyingly unhelpful picture of the surprise project....buuuttt....I'm not sure how.  I know how to add pictures to the blog posts, I even know how to (usually) get pictures off of a camera onto a computer.  So you are probably wondering what the problem is.  Well, my computer got a bad case of something and is now laying on the floor with its innards exposed.
How am I posting?  I have an old laptop and an iPod Touch that I can use.  Neither of these are able to connect to my camera.  The last-time I really had to post a picture I took the micro SD card out of my phone, put it in an adaptor, took the picture with my camera, put the micro SD card back into my phone, and then texted it to photobucket.
While that was fun and all, not something I can do all the time.  Hopefully my computer can be saved (and soon) so I can blog in style!

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