Sunday, May 3, 2015

You got on a what?!

I will start out by saying that I do not like roller coasters.  I only get the scared-scared feeling from them and not the trilling-scared that people who like them get.
Now here is a bunch of pictures and some stories from the trip to the amusement park we took yesterday.
Not only were we celebrating Emily's and Mary's birthdays, it was also Kings Dominion's birthday!
It was also the last day of their Spring Bloom Festival.  I love flowers, both real and fake.

I really wanted some of these for my house.  They are just so big and bright and happy.

This was a working clock, and it was made with so many flowers.  I couldn't get over how cool this was.
Mary really wanted a lemur.  The nerdy ones were my favorite.  She won one of those.  I was super excited for her!

Here the birthday girls are playing DDR.  I felt all nostalgic and wanted to pull my pads out and practice more.
They had these outside of most of the rides so you could make sure you fit into the seats.  Bill didn't fit in some of them.  This was the only one that had wheels, so we joked that this was my kind of roller-coaster.
I did get on an actual roller-coaster that I had some fun on.  It didn't have the huge drop at the beginning.  It wasn't what I was expecting though.  I was expecting it to be more like the ride I went on in Disney World where they had stuff falling at you.  This only had some fire and gun sounds near the end.

I had fun and I know the birthday girls had a ton of fun.  I had brought some stuff with me so I could work on water-bottle holders while I waited for everyone, but we did too many things and the lines weren't as long as I thought they would be.

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